Serie A: Ibrahimovic: “Play until I see someone better than me, so I keep playing”

WITHlatin Ibrahimovićswedish striker MilanHe assured, at 40 years old, that he will continue to be active until he sees someone who is better than him and stressed that, for now, he will continue playing because that requirement to sign the withdrawal is not met.

In statements to the UEFAthe Scandinavian striker, who this season has scored eight goals in the 22 games he has played in Serie A, seems willing to continue on the pitch for a while.

I don’t want to regret quitting football and then say I could continue playing football

“The future is yet to be written. I don’t make plans. Let’s see what happens. I don’t want to regret quitting football and then say that I could continue playing football, because then I would regret it for the rest of my life seeing that I could have continued playing football.” . I want to play as long as I can. The reality is that I play until I see that someone is better than me, so I keep playing,” he said.

The adrenaline of football

In addition, he acknowledged that he knows that one day he will stop playing because he will no longer have “that adrenaline” that he still feels every time he steps on a stadium and pointed out that this is a problem for all soccer players because everyone has that feeling whenever there is a match.

“That adrenaline, you’ll never get it from doing anything else because we’re programmed. Every day we do the same thing. We wake up, get ready, train, eat and rest. The next day, it’s the same thing. For 20 years, you do these things and you get adrenaline from them. So when you suddenly stop doing it, you don’t have this agenda, you don’t get the adrenaline anymore. And when it stops, you have to go from there and start from scratch and start something new,” he said.

When you have negative people around you, they drag you down, like they don’t want you to succeed.

Likewise, he indicated that it is easy to advise a child when he wants to dedicate himself to football to believe in himself and not give up, but the reality, for Ibrahimovic, is that it is “easy” to say those things and “difficult” to go through them.

“Surrounding yourself with positive people, with positive energy, helps a lot because it transforms (things) into an atmosphere that makes things easier. When you have negative people around you, they drag you down. It’s like they don’t want you to succeed. So my advice would be: ‘It’s easy and anything is possible, but it’s up to you,'” he said.

Ibrahimović He also stated that at the moment he plays “with great emotion” at Milan because it is a club that has given him a lot of “joy” and because he believes that it is the team in which he has spent the most years since he began his career (five seasons). .

champions of sin

“It was nice (to return to the UEFA Champions League with Milan this season). After a couple of years of struggling and not being in the Champions League, everyone was very excited and very happy to be back. It’s an incredible tournament. I’ve scored a couple of goals that I liked, and I’ve had the opportunity to play against the best teams and players in Europe,” he said.

Winning the Champions won’t make me a better player because I already am. It is proven: not even the best wins everything

“How do I feel about not winning it? Two ways. Winning it would be amazing. Not winning it wouldn’t change me as a player. If I did win it, it wouldn’t mean I’d be a better player because I’m the better player. doesn’t win it all,” he added.

Regarding who is the best player in history for him, he made it clear that he is the Brazilian Ronaldo Nazariowhom he has always “admired” because he did things that everyone wanted to do and couldn’t.

“When we were in the garden playing with friends, we were trying to do the same things. Then I met this person in real life and then I played against him (I didn’t play with him) and suddenly something unreal becomes real,” he said. .

His childhood

Finally, he talked about his childhood and his beginnings in football and narrated that he grew up in Mineral (Sweden) in a “small area” called Rosengard where he stayed until he was 17 and which people called a “ghetto”. For Ibrahimovićthat place was “heaven” because he had everything he wanted, especially friends, and that’s why he was happy.

“I had fun. We had football and football makes people happy. Football was cheap, it was free. I just had to get some shoes. Even without shoes you could play football. Everything got better from there.”

I got my first contract and went from walking long distances to train, even stealing bikes, to getting my driver’s license.

“When I got my first contract (with Malm), I suddenly made money doing what I like. Money didn’t make me happy, but it became easier. So from walking long distances to train, from stealing bikes, which is not good but we all do stupid things, I was able to get my driver’s license and I was able to get a car,” he narrated.

“No matter what happens-success, money, fame, whatever-I’ll still be the same person. I’m not going to change. You either like me or you don’t, but I wasn’t born into this world to convince people that I like myself.” want”, he finished.