The match that originated the football rivalry between Colombia and Venezuela


Generally the countries that share a border on many occasions they are called brothers, but they also have historical confrontations in social, political, sports and other things. Colombia and Venezuela they are not the exception and they have more rivalry among themselves than with other nations with which they border.

Colombia visits Venezuela this Tuesday at 6:30 pm. The game is definitive in the aspirations of the team of Reinaldo Wheel to go to the playoffs, you must win and hope that Peru tie or lose against Paraguay. In case of equalizing in Puerto Ordaz, the Tricolor must hope that Peru does not add and that Chile did not beat Uruguay. Regarding the duel, we remember the origin of the rivalry.

At some point they were a single country form the Great Colombia between 1821 and 1831. For many years there were already border disputes over land and everything ended almost until 1952 with the secession of the Los Monjes Archipelago. From then on, the conflicts have been mostly political. In soccer, Venezuela was traditionally known as the “Cinderella” from South America for their poor results, although a separate game was always played against Colombia.

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Beyond the problems external to the sport, there was a specific moment where one could speak of the start of the rivalry in soccer. Caracas was the seat of the third Bolivarian Games in 1951previously Bogotá (1938) and Lima (1947 – 1948) were the venues. For this event was officially inaugurated the Olympic Stadium of the Central University of Venezuela. In the premiere, Colombia defeated Peru 1-0 and caused a surprise because the ‘Incas’ had won gold in the two previous editions.

Only up to 20 days before the start of the contest it was decided that the Selection of Valle del Cauca It was the base of the team that would finally travel. They were complemented by six players from other regions: Antioquia, Atlántico and Norte de Santander. The coach who took charge of the team was Carlos Tulio Obonaga, a former soccer player for Boca Juniors de Cali. That is why the victory against Peru with a goal from William Maya Mendoza it was totally unexpected.

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Then Colombia lost to Panama and beat Ecuador. On the other hand, the locals tied with Peru and beat Ecuador and Panama. Thus the things, to Venezuela was enough for a draw against Colombia on the last date to be champion. The game was played on December 16 and the Venezuelans wore a vermilion shirt, although many years later it began to be called ‘The Red Wine’.

Near 30,000 viewers attended the final engagement. Colombia went up quickly with two goals from George Villa at minutes 19 and 20. At 23 Pedro Díaz discounted and added emotion to the game. For almost half an hour the Tricolor played with 10 for the expulsion of Miguel ‘Pinola’ Piedrahita. According to some Venezuelans, Italian Giuseppe Carpani he finished the match at 85 minutes for no reason and there were huge protests.

Both teams had already met in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1938 with a 2-1 win for Venezuela, in the 1938 Bolivarianos with a 2-0 win for Colombia and in the 1946 Central American and Caribbean Games with a 0-0 win. But this 1951 match left a certain pain in Venezuelans and Colombia a gold medal almost out of nowhere with a makeshift team who made history in Caracas.

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