The notes of Celta B vs Deportivo

Defeat for Deportivo in Balaídos against Celta B. The Blue and Whites practically say goodbye to direct promotion as Racing de Santander has escaped to nine points. These are our notes Celtic B vs Deportivo.

Mackay (Mean: 4.75. Median: 5): Little could do in the goals. In the first they leave him totally sold and the second is a great shot from outside the area to the angle. The job he had solved it for sure.
Readers rating: Average: 4.3. Median: 5.

Lapeña (Mean: 3.25. Median: 3.5): He had to protect the right side, where he had to suffer in various sections of the game. He lost the occasional dangerous ball up front. He was somewhat more comfortable in the second half, when the team settled down and had more possession.
Readers’ rating: Mean: 3.03 Median: 3.

Barn (Mean: 4.5. Median: 4.5): A game with light and dark, being in line with the rest of the team. He had some mistakes but also some successes when it was his turn to correct his teammates’ mistakes and stop Celta B’s counterattacks.
Readers rating: Average: 4.01. Median: 4.

Jaime (Mean: 1.75. Median: 2): Fully portrayed in Celta’s first goal. He is not attentive and allows Fabricio to shoot Ian Mackay. Match with too many errors from the center back, who does not finish finding the best version of him.
Readers rating: Average: 2.1. Median: 2.

Hector (Mean: 4.25. Median: 4.5): He tried to give depth to his band in attack, but suffered in defense against a Celta B who looked for his back. He lost some ball in the Deportivo field that was close to becoming a goal against. The two goals came in actions for their area of ​​the field.
Readers rating: Average: 4.04. Median: 4.

Alex (Mean: 5. Median: 5): He tried to hold the team defensively and give them options in attack, although he was outmatched in several sections of the match. He sought to order the defense and when the team was more established, Quiles was expelled.
Readers rating: Average: 4.3. Median: 5.

Villares (Mean: 3. Median: 3): He regained his position in midfield and had to battle a lot with the Celta B players. He fell apart in defense but was not successful in attack, inaccurate in sending.
Readers’ note: Average: 3.30. Median: 4.

Juergen (Mean: 4. Median: 3.5): The footballer who Celta B watched the most, preventing him from filtering passes at many moments of the game. One of his best actions was from the left wing with Quiles, shooting the high striker.
Readers rating: Average: 3.5. Median: 4.

Diego Aguirre (Mean: 4.25. Median: 4): He had to play on the right wing and was not comfortable. It is true that he had two occasions, on one he ran into the goalkeeper when he had Mario Soriano totally unmarked and on another the goalkeeper cleared a corner.
Readers rating: Average: 3.92. Median: 4..

Mario Soriano (Mean: 5. Median: 5): Another one that appears in the image of the goal, by not blocking the center from the left. He was the most prominent in attack, being the player his teammates were looking for at all times. He teamed up with Quiles in one of the best actions of the first half.
Readers’ note: Average: 3.69. Median: 4.

Quiles (Mean: 4. Median: 4): He had to play as a reference and was beginning to wake up when he scored a penalty. The expulsion for a double yellow card greatly conditioned a game that Deportivo ended up losing.
Readers’ note: Average: 4.29. Median: 5.

The notes of the substitutes in Celta B – Deportivo

William de Camargo (Average: 5.25. Median: 5): Probably the highlight of the second part. He revolutionized the game, but Quiles’ expulsion stopped him. He got the penalty that equalized.
Readers rating: Average: 4.8. Median: 5.

Skull (Mean: 4.25. Median: 4): With one less man on the field, Borja gave him a come on to solve the spaces that Celta B found in the center of the field.
Readers rating: Average: 3.3. Median: 4.

Doncel (sc): No time.
Readers’ note: Average: 3.55. Median: 4.


Borja Jiménez (Mean: 2.5. Median: 2.5): The Herculean coach opted for Aguirre on the right wing of Deportivo, trying to replicate what he gets from Quiles. A bet that in the first part did not work out and that left the team with some defensive problem, but that in the second with eleven did put Celta B in more trouble.
Readers rating: Average: 1.47. Median: 0.

** The notes of the writing are elaborated through the average and median of the scores of each writer individually.