The subsidiary does the harakiri in El Tablero (3-2)

Las Palmas Atlético suffered a tough defeat against the penultimate classified of the Second RFEF and is still three points away from the tie for permanence. Sato and Yeremi Valerón scored for the yellows, who played with one more for more than half an hour.

Four changes made Tino Luis Cabrera during his visit to El Tablero, highlighting the return to the goal of Alfonso Liceras by Arnau Fabrega. What’s more, pol savior, Julen Perez and John Navarro entered instead of Diego Gutierrez, Aythami Betancor and Alex Pachon.

Las Palmas Atlético did not find any facilities. Both teams were aware of what was at stake and the chances were few in the first few minutes, where Giovanni Navarro also acted as a reference nine in the yellow subsidiary.

Álex Pachón started from the bench but came out at the break

Disastrous half hour

Before fifteen minutes, the first blow came for the sailing girl. Stephanie He showed again his good hitting and in a corner, Omar Velazquez was able to finish off perfectly and with ease after winning the duel sato. The yellow goalkeeper could do nothing in the face of the unappealable header from Gran Canaria.

Four minutes later, San Fernando increased the distance on the scoreboard. Trying to get out from behind alphonse lyres sent a pass to the center and found no recipient, but to Manuel Germanwho picked up the shipment and did not hesitate to shoot almost from the center of the field. He hit the former yellow and the subsidiary was already putting the game uphill.

Before half an hour, it was confirmed that it was not the morning of the Malaga goalkeeper of the Sports Union. A ball into space Aitor Brito took advantage of it Ruiman Arbelothat he hit the near post badly and loosely, where he was alphonse lyresthat in his attempt to save, the ball got under his body.

Sato shortens distances

Sato scored his fourth goal of the season

Despite the jug of cold water and the fact that things were not working out for Las Palmas Atlético, they did not miss out on San Fernando’s first defensive failure. In a bad control Omar Velazquez inside his own area, the ball fell to satothat was successful to put cut distances.

At the worst moment of the season came the worst game of the era Tino Luis Cabrerawho tried to change the game at half-time with two changes: Alex Pachon me Isaac Hernandez they entered through sato and Joelrespectively. The subsidiary needs the points urgently.

San Fernando stays with one less; Yeremi scores the second

The Gran Canaria team tried in every way, but their handling of the ball in insignificant areas did not put San Fernando in trouble, which around match time was left with one less when the referee expelled Jesus Farias after a jump with Fran Carmona.

Las Palmas Atlético remains in relegation places

The coach from Gran Canaria moved the bench again, ushering in Aythami Betancor and Yeremi Valeronboth protagonists of the goal second yellow goal. The corner taken by the yellow ’22’ was taken advantage of by the ‘2’ from Gran Canaria after a succession of rebounds.

There were still more than twenty minutes left, but Las Palmas Atlético did not quite feel comfortable on the Eleuterio Valerón pitch. The large defense of San Fernando made Samuel Perez did not have too much work and the subsidiary was unable to tie despite being with one more player.

With this defeat, Las Palmas Atlético drops one place in the standings due to the victory of Mensajero, the yellow rival next Sunday in the Annex. Meanwhile, Antequera lost and is still three points behind the yellow team in the permanence elimination zone, while salvation is still five points behind and is held by Don Benito.

San Fernando Sports Union 3-2 Las Palmas Atletico

Saint Ferdinand: Samuel Pérez, Andrés Trujillo, Stephane, Pedro González, Omar Velázquez, Manu Alemán, Aitor Brito, Álex Cruz (Rayco García, m.80), Moller López (Adrián Socorro, m.70), Jesús Farías and Ruimán Arbelo (Enrique Brown, d.89). Coach: Tino Deniz

Las Palmas Athletic: Alfonso Liceras, David Vicente, Cristian Abreu (Yeremi Valerón, m.62), Fran Carmona, Joel (Isaac Hernández, m.46), Pol Salvador (Aythami Betancor, m.64), Julen Pérez (Ale García, m. 74), Sergio Simón, Sato (Álex Pachón, m.46), Giovanni Navarro and Iñaki Elejalde. Coach: Tino Luis Cabrera

goals: 1-0 Omar Velázquez, m.14; 2-0 German Manu, m.18; 3-0 Ruimán Arbelo, m.29; 3-1 Sato, m.31; 3-2 Yeremi Valeron, m.66

Referee: Jayro Munoz Garcia (Caceres). He directly expelled the local Jesús Farías (m.58). He admonished locals Álex Cruz (m.2), Aitor Brito (m.17), Andrés Trujillo (m.24), Omar Velázquez (m.59) and Ruimán Arbelo (m.68). He admonished the visitors David Vicente (m.37) and Isaac Hernández (m.90). He admonished the local coach, Tino Déniz (m.43).

Incidents: Meeting played at the Eleuterio Valerón. Twenty-seventh day of the Second RFEF Group IV 2021-2022.