The uncertain future of Paulo Dybala: the greats of Spain turn their backs on him and call him “overrated”

paulo dybala was one of the most representative figures of the attack of juventus during years. But that stage is over. The Italian club made a decision: it will not renew the contract of the Cordovan striker that ends in June. That is to say that after seven seasons, Dybala will close his cycle in the Vecchia Signora and is ready to listen to offers. Of course there is an obstacle: The Argentine has the intention of emigrating to Spain, but there would be no strong clubs that want to.

“La Joya is looking for a team, and obviously the Spanish market, like the English market, is an attractive possibility. However, in these first steps, Dybala and his entourage collide with two problems: one linked to the financial demands of the player, the other to his level of attractiveness in the Spanish market”published this morning by the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

During his campaign at Juventus, Dybala won five Serie A titles, four Italian Cups and three Italian Super Cups.Valerio Pennicino – Getty Images Europe

Neither Barcelona nor Real Madrid They would have Dybala in the folder for the next transfer market. Just Atletico Madrid He would seem to have a little interest in the former player from Instituto de Córdoba. And it is worth noting that he is a 28-year-old footballer who he would arrive only for the contract (that is to say that the club that incorporates him will not have to pay for the pass). Despite this, no great would be willing to pay what they want from the representation of the left-handed striker.

Barcelona is in a stage of renovation of the squad with the aspiration of forming a strong group to face an ambitious and winning project with a view to LaLiga and European competitions. And according to the information published by the newspaper El Nacional, from Barcelona, ​​to DT Xavi Hernández would not like to have Dybala for the coming season. What’s more, he has directly advised against signing for Barça. They say, in this medium, that Xavi considers the Argentine a player “overrated” and that it would not be useful for the new project that is being built at the Camp Nou.

At the moment, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Dybala’s initial economic claims regarding the signing of the contract and the annual salary are beyond the reach of Atlético de Madrid and also of Sevilla, another club mentioned at this time. Both possibilities could remain open, but only in the face of a “drastic reduction in requests from the Argentine.”

The high economic claims would distance Paulo Dybala from the clubs in Spain.
The high economic claims would distance Paulo Dybala from the clubs in Spain. Isabella Bonotto – AFP

La Gazzetta dello Sport closed its publication by putting on the table the different sensations that Dybala generates: in Italy and beyond that border. “The feeling remains that in recent years it has opened a gap between the perception of the real strength of the player in Italy and abroad. Much appreciated by us, much less abroad, where it is difficult for them to assign a ‘world crack’ license to Paulo. The last few months, plagued by small ailments and culminating in Juventus’ lack of interest in the renewal, obviously did not help in that regard. Dybala has to make a great end of the season to find a suitable accommodation for his economic demandssince he doesn’t even have the (European) summer World Cup to try to relaunch. In Spain not all doors are closed, but opening a real one will take weeks at a great level”.

During his campaign at Juventus, Dybala won five Serie A titlesfour Italian Cups and three Italian Super Cups. The debt that weighs is the Champions League. His best goalscoring season was 2017/18, with 26 goals in all official competitions.

Given this scenario, Dybala’s future could be in the English Premier League. Although, at the moment, there are few certainties about his fate.