The world map of Barça members, country by country


Among the many attractions of President Núñez Museum the Camp Nou the touch screens stand out on which the culés from all over the world, who are now beginning to populate their spacious rooms more as the effects of the pandemic subside, can relive the best moments in the history of the FC Barcelona. There they can recreate themselves with the images of the finals and the best games or a selection of goals from the Barcelona legends. And on another screen you can find on a world map how many members of the barca there is in your country. The figures, updated in Museum to June 2021, offer curious and in some cases very surprising conclusions.

Of the 137,514 registered members then after being up to date with the payment of the 2021 fee, 132,650 were residents of Spain and a total of 4,864 distributed throughout the planet. And among the continents Europe logically rules with 3,662 excluding Spain with almost a technical tie between America (576) and Asia (519). lagging is Africa (89) and much more Oceania (18).

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Location of all Barça members
by continents

In Europe, Andorra (834) is leader ahead of France (439), Switzerland (375), United Kingdom (352), Germany (298), Belgium (180), Poland (133), whose Penyes travel to all Barça matches in Europe, Netherlands (132), Denmark (115) my Italy (111). There is no partner in bosnian, montenegro, Albanian, moldova and Lithuaniathe land of Saras Jasikeviciusculé member but resident in Barcelona.

On Americaby population size and purchasing power, United States (343) heads the ranking followed by Mexico (79), Canada (40), Brazil (14), Argentina (12), Chile (12 and Colombia (eleven). With a population smaller than that of Brazil (212 million), Mexico (128 million) quintuples the number of partners despite the love story that the barca has had with many myths of the ‘canarinha’ such as Romario, Ronaldo, Rivald, ronaldinho and alvesamong others. Aztec football only left a mark Rafael Marquez at Camp Nou.

And it is also surprising that Argentina only had 12 partners in June 2021 when it was still Messi at barca although comparing its population (45 million) with that of Brazilthe proportion is already much higher than that of the five-time world champions. Cuba (1) close the table in Americawhere there are no partners in countries like Nicaragua, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, belize, French Guiana and Guiana.

On Asia, Japan reigns with 234 partners ahead of Israel (112), Arab Emirates (39), Kuwait (33) and China (30). The tours and the ‘Rakuten effect’ helped the consolidated market of Japan leaving far behind that of Qatar (3), almost no members of the barca. India only has three and among those that do not have is Uzbekistan despite the clinics in his day of Messi, Puyol, Iniesta, Eto’o and cesc.

In Africa, by proximity commands Morocco (70), with the rest light years away: South Africa (5), Senegal (3), Egypt (3) and Tunisia (2) plus six countries with a partner but not of the Cameroon from Eto’o oh the Ivory Coast from toure. And in Oceania15 of Australia and 3 of New Zealand.


Japanese fans in the 2015 Club World Cup final between Barça and River Plate.


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