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Rafa Gongora

07:39 • 29 Mar. 2022

They are the joy in the Sports Carousel of Cadena SER with his audio notes before, during and after the Almería matches. They know a lot about football and they show it with their accurate comments on the Cadena SER antenna in each match of Rubi’s rojiblanco team in the Second Division National League Championship. They are the voice of the fans of the rojiblanco project of the Saudi minister, Turki.

Luis Columna, José María Salmerón, Martín Doblado, Mónica Ruiz, Israel Polo, Luis Salinas Iguiño ‘Pirri’, Pepe Navarro, Pedro López Galdeano, ‘Rafagol’, Juanjo Segura, Vicente Artero, Felipe Ortiz, Molo… were the protagonists afterwards of the Rubi white and red team meeting and sent their audio notes to the mobile phone number 607 800 660.


Jose martin Bentthe president of the Almería Football Federation (FAF), commented on the Sports Carousel of Cadena SER after Almería’s match against Girona at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos, on matchday 33, that “you can’t ask for more to the Almería players because they gave their best in terms of intensity, dedication and even play from the first minute to the end of the match. Girona put up a system that could not be surprised by the band because it occupied the entire width of the field. I have seen Almería well if morale does not fail them, we must have hope with Almería to finally achieve the goal of promotion to First Division, ”he said.

louis columnPresident of the Provincial Court of Almería, a great fan of sports in general, said that “what we experienced in the Mediterranean Games Stadium is unforgivable, what we have seen is incredible… two penalties were missed, what was experienced in the match against Girona. We had heart, character, we ran a lot, but we lacked head, more clarity of ideas. I would never say we were unlucky because luck is no excuse in sport.”

For its part, Manolo Garciaex-director of the Almería project, pointed out at the end of the match against Girona: “Total disappointment with the result because we did not expect to lose the match with Girona in our field. In life there is a very important factor to succeed and that is luck, and the team did not have it at the start of the match with Dyego Sousa’s chance so clear. A game to record and analyze in the locker room. There are nine games left, we can’t throw in the towel. Let’s go Almeria!”


Jose Maria Salmeron He was also the star of Cadena SER’s Carrusel Deportivo: “It was a great game between two magnificent teams, but Almería’s lack of effectiveness was key, and they had clear chances to score. We have to stay strong because there are still nine days to go”, while israel polor explained on the Cadena SER antenna that “we lose part of the points cushion in the classification with respect to the third classified. Almería had no luck, this is a long-distance race and I trust the squad and Rubi because the coach has been doing a magnificent job since the first day of the season”. AND Monica Ruizpresident of the Federation of Peñas del Almería, sentenced in the Sports Carousel of the Cadena SER: “Whoever shuts up grants, I’m going to shut up”.