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Atlético Nacional defeated Independiente Santa Fe 2-1, on date 13 of the I-2022 League. With goals from Dorlan Pabón and Andrés Andrade, the purslane won three more points in their career for a place among the top eight in the championship. Santa Fe tied partially through José Ortiz, but the momentum was not enough for them to hold the tie. In this way, the Antioquians reached 27 points and are partially leaders of the tournament.

During the first few minutes, Nacional controlled the ball and approached the Santa Fe goal with shots from medium distance. The cardinal team looked uncomfortable in the face of the onslaught of the premises.

At minute 5, Dorlan Pabón with a powerful right hand beat goalkeeper Leandro Castellanos, the ball went in the direction of the upper left corner of the south goal, unleashing joy in the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

However, the Cardinals responded quickly and at minute 7, from mid-range, player José Ortiz tied the game with a powerful shot to the upper left corner by goalkeeper Kevin Mier.

At minute 17, Andrés Andrade put Nacional in front of the scoreboard, after taking advantage of a deep pass from Dorlan Pabón, the ’10’ purslane eluded the goalkeeper Castellanos and coldly defined an empty goal.

After the goal, Nacional continued to insist on the opposite goal. Santa Fe was patient and counterattacked, at minute 33, Jersson González with a one-on-one, surprised Kevin Mier, but the Barranqueño goalkeeper managed to save the ball with his face, saving the locals from a draw.

The final minutes contained emotions for both teams, but the forcefulness was lacking. Nacional continued to insist on the long ball and Santa Fe on the wings.

In the complementary stage, Santa Fe changed goalkeeper Leandro Castellanos for José Silva. The purslane team announced at the minute of play their intentions to stretch the lead on the scoreboard, with a collective play by Daniel Mantilla that passed near the goalkeeper’s right-hand post Cardinal.

At minute 7, an apparent hand by Juan David Cabal inside the area, the referee Éder Vergara pointed out the point of the penalty and the warning to the Valle del Cauca winger. However, he was called by the VAR to see the play and a minute later, the central judge decided not to sanction the foul and removed the warning from the Purslane side.

About the 12th minute, Nacional made its first substitution, Alexander Mejía came in instead of Jarlan Barrera. Immediately, Santa Fe responded with the entry of Matías Mier instead of Jhon Velásquez. About minute 16, Dorlan Pabón with a cross shot from the right sector of the field, almost scored the third for the purslane. At 18, Wilson Morelo’s header equalized, but his header went close to the right upright.

At minute 24, Danovis Banguero and Yeison Guzmán entered the National team, instead of Juan David Cabal and Daniel Mantilla. Santa Fe continued in search of equality, while Nacional waited and counterattacked.

Around minute 29, Giovanni Moreno with a cross shot had scored the third goal for Nacional, but the player from Antioquia was in an advanced position. The purslane did not give up and at minute 33 they had another approach through Yeison Guzmán who passed very close to the visiting goal.

Six minutes from the end, Carlos Restrepo, who was the coach in charge of this match, decided to bring out Giovanni Moreno to the applause of the 25,504 spectators who attended the Atanasio tonight.

In injury time, the game became dynamic again with arrivals in both areas. Santa Fe had equality, but it was not effective. In the end, the purslane added a new victory that puts them very close to the first goal in the League.

On the next date, Atlético Nacional visits Patriotas in Tunja, while Santa Fe receives Unión Magdalena in Bogotá.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8