Cristiano Ronaldo set a probable date for his retirement and compared himself to the best players in history

The Portuguese reviewed his professional career (Photo: Reuters)

Undoubtedly one of the most important figures in football today is Cristiano Ronaldo. Although his performance is not what the public has become accustomed to in recent years, whenever the Portuguese goes out on the field to a match corresponding to the Champions League He gives his best in search of his team. with present in the manchester unitedthe Portuguese analyzed everything he had done since the first day he decided to dedicate himself to sport and He was even encouraged to give an estimated date of what his professional retirement could be.

The Portuguese reflected on his career and put his current situation in the English team into context. “You have to be smart and know that at 18, 20 or 25 you are not the same as at 35. And that is the maturity, the experience, the intelligence to understand that maybe you lose some things to win others and have the right balance to continue competing and be at the highest level”, he stated in a talk for DAZN.

“I know that it won’t be many years before I stop playing, I hope four or five more, but I hope to continue winning things”revealed. “The sacrifice that I make every year, the seasons, weekly, monthly, daily, has to have its reward at the end, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t know much. But that’s my motivation. Work hard, but think that in the end I’m going to win something important, a title, a prize”, affirmed the United attacker.

In addition, he explained that he does not need to defend himself because his own statistics are references to take into account: “That is not easy, but it seems so to me, because I show year after year that the numbers speak for themselves. I don’t have to tell you that I’m very good, because the numbers are there. The facts are facts, the rest does not matter at all. That’s why I’m very happy with my form, I’m still scoring goals, helping people, teams, both in the national team and at Manchester United and that’s why I want to continue like this”.

Cristiano Ronaldo's legacy expands between Spain, Portugal, England and Italy (Photo: Reuters)
Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy expands between Spain, Portugal, England and Italy (Photo: Reuters)

On the other hand, he thanked his news with the T-shirt of the Red Devils and explained the reason why he decided to return to the Premier League. “It is difficult to say that I do not want more, because if I am in a club that gives me the opportunity to win more things, why not. And in the selection too. I know I don’t have many years left playing, four or five more, we’ll see, and I want to win more things”, he added.

And he fired, bringing out his scrolls: “I have left a mark everywhere, something that no other player in history is proud to say.”

Competing professionally is the dream of any footballer and CR7 he has the privilege of still fighting at the highest level. “Following my path, working daily, still trying to improve in some aspects, take care of myself too, which is very important, both physically and mentally because in football it’s already an age. Before they played, but they didn’t have as many games as we have now. I have already passed the thousand games, it is a very high figure, but as I said before, you have to take care of yourself, continue working, continue with the illusion that I can still give more and I am still doing well, which is a very important point. And continuing to enjoy it, which is the most important thing”, concluded the Portuguese striker.


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