Inter and AC Milan will abandon project of a new stadium in San Siro, according to Italian media

Inter and Milan presented their construction project for the new San Siro stadium, commonly known as ‘La Catedrale’, on December 21st.

The Italian clubs Inter and Milan will abandon the project to create a new stadium in the San Siro, and will start a new path in another area of ​​the city due to the efforts of the local administration, bureaucratic delays and the uncertainty surrounding the idea, local media reported this Tuesday.

The construction project of a new home for ‘neroazzurri’ and ‘rossoneri’ “is stalled”, as published on Tuesday by the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’: “Inter and Milan ready to build their new headquarters away from home (San Siro) “, qualification.

However, Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milanpublished today on their social networks a photo of an official document, in which both clubs assure that they are working on the necessary file for the public contest, as a response to the information published by the ‘daily‘.

Inter and Milan presented their construction project for the new stadium San Sirocommonly known as ‘La Catedrale’, on December 21st.

The idea was to build the new stadium on the outskirts of the current one, with a capacity reduction -from 80,000 to 60,000 spectators-, and, once available, demolish the current one to build a sports complex, which requires an estimated investment of 1,200. 000 euros.

Now, the rumors that Inter and Milan, who want to open new facilities as soon as possible, take a step back are gaining strength in Italy.

The reasons why both clubs, main rivals but with the same headquarters, have considered abandoning the planning of ‘La Catedrale’ would be the numerous obstacles and the amount of bureaucratic procedures that would be delaying the inauguration date of the stadium, points out the Italian newspaper .

“The project for the new San Siro stadium is stalled due to bureaucratic delays, the need for a public tender and the uncertainties of the two clubs, who are not willing to spend more millions on new feasibility studies without guarantees,” explains the ‘daily‘.

Another reason why the clubs would be thinking of looking for another place to start a new journey towards a modern stadium is because of the public competition to which the ‘La Catedrale’ project has to submit, a mandatory step that in order to take carried out requires the presence of other projects “that for now have not been drawn”, assures the ‘daily‘.

According to the same media, the area of ​​Sesto San Giovanni, also in Milan, would be the strongest option to build.

For his part, Giuseppe ‘Bepe’ Sala, replied through his Instagram account to the rumors that ensure the abandonment of Milan and Inter from San Siro: “The teams wrote me a week ago saying that they were ready for the public contest. A week ago, not six months ago. And since I received this letter, nothing has happened.”

“One of two things. Or the ‘daily‘ just look for a “headline”, or teams tell me one thing (or rather write it down) and give others a different version. Having an official document in my hands, I want to think more about the first hypothesis,” added the mayor.

“In any case, I would like to tell everyone that in this difficult historical moment, the City Council has much more to think about,” he said.