Iván Azón postpones the negotiation to renew with Real Zaragoza

The Royal Saragossa called a few weeks ago Ivan Azon to talk about renewal and the improvement of his contract, which ends in 2024, but for the moment they have not sat down to negotiate with the striker from Zaragoza, whose position is to wait to know the club’s project, both in the new property and especially in the sports field , to start talking about that renewal. Unlike Francés and Francho, with whom they spoke in January transferring a renewal offer for both, Miguel Torrecilla has not even sat down with Azón to draw up that proposal.

Azón, with a 10 million clause in the Second Division (the same as Francés, while Francho has 8), It has one of the lowest salaries in the workforce, since it reaches the minimum of Second, about 80,000 euros, with objectives, while Francés, Francho or Bermejo also move in those figures, although in the fixed. However, the importance of the three youth squads is very far from their salary value in this Zaragozasince they are well below the highest chips in the squad, such as those of Álvaro Giménez, who has the same 5 goals as Azón with twice as many minutes, Petrovic, Nano Mesa, Cristian Álvarez or Narváez.

Sanllehí and his bet

The striker from Zaragoza is clear that he wants to continue at Zaragoza, that his dream is to achieve promotion with the club he has been for almost all his life, which he arrived in the second year of the fry. Thus, more than the economic aspect, which is important and which now does not even remotely reflect the value of the striker both in the market and the role he has in the team, will prioritize the sports project, what the new directors of the entity, since the most feasible thing is that Torrecilla will not continue and that a new manager will arrive along with Raúl Sanllehí, design in Zaragoza and the weight that Azón will have in the team.

Azón, more than the economic section in its renewal, will prioritize sports, the project that is designed and the role it will have

The striker made his debut last year at the hands of Rubén Baraja, in his last game, he consolidated with Iván Martínez to have a first team contract very soon and played 30 games, with 10 starts, and three goals. In this second, where he was promised a number from the first team like Francho who in the end they had to give up, he has 28 appointments, with only 9 in the eleven and five goalsin the last six games he has played, where he has been vital with his goals to add 10 points, and which places him as the team’s top scorer along with Álvaro Giménez. His progression and his call to ownership are clear, despite the fact that in recent games JIM has not included him in the starting bet, something that aims to change in Tenerife, where the player from Zaragoza has many numbers to start in the starting eleven.

Azón has shown that his work and desire are non-negotiable and that he contributes them whether he plays for five, 20 or 90 minutes, but It is unquestionable that, like any footballer, his desire is to be in the eleven. And in recent months he has made plenty of merit for it. In that sense, the sporting assessment that he will have in the project is also key to his renewal, knowing the player that nowhere will he be better than in Zaragoza if the project is the right one.

Interest from other clubs

For this reason, Azón is also not aware of the interest of important First Division teams, who have been following him for some time and who have increased reports of the footballer. There is currently no specific offer and the striker, even if he arrives, will give priority to Zaragoza. But he wants to know which club and which project he is going to have. And for that it takes time.

Francho and Francés already have the financial offer, but the two also await the arrival of the new property to negotiate, although it is more feasible and there is less distance in the dialogue with the midfielder

Meanwhile, Francés and Francho have had a proposal to renew the club since mid-January, but at the moment there is no agreement. The center-back has not responded to that proposal, which in any case is far from his claims and has a poster (Sevilla, Celta, Villarreal, Real Sociedad…), taking into account that of the three homegrown players he is the most fixed in the U21, since Azón was in September and he has not returned and Francho has been prevented by injuries have more continuity in the ‘Rojita’. Francho, for his part, is not as far away as Frances from following, but in both cases any negotiation has been postponed until the arrival of the new managers and the configuration of the sports project. And that’s what Azón has done, although without listening to an offer that came a little later than that of his teammates.