Juan Carlos stops Almería and VAR dry

Until González Esteban decided to jump from the VOR room to center stage to claim all the spotlightsAlmería-Girona had Juan Carlos, visiting goalkeeper, as the main protagonist. And he remained so after the penalty that stopped César de la Hoz in minute 87. The VAR lines determined that Aleix Garcia’s foul on Appiah was, by millimeters, on the line. The goalkeeper made a perfect save, but from TV, the VAR referee burst onto the scene again to order a repeat because several Girona players invaded the area before the launch. Interestingly, the first to enter the area was Centelles, who sent the rebound to the post. Even so, Juan Villar had a second penalty, but he wasted the VAR gift again and sent the ball to the sky of Almería.

He had everything at the end. The two penalties, a shot by Rodrigo Ely to the crossbar and two very clear cons for Girona that Juncá and Iván Martín were unable to specify. The visitors did not regret it, taking three vital points from Almería thanks mainly to their goalkeeper and the lucidity and vision of Samu Saiz, who drew an exquisite pass that Borja García converted into gold in the 13th minute.

Almería sees its advantage over Valladolid shortened again to a minimum, one point. Umar Sadiq’s shadow is too long. Dyego Sousa was not the ideal substitute this time and despite numerous chances by Rubi’s men, Juan Carlos went home undefeated.

The match began as it ended, with a dizzying pace and with Almería overturned. In the only mole of the visiting goalkeeper was the clearest chance for Almería. Juan Carlos gave him an incredible ball but the Brazilian striker, facing the goal and with everything going for him, shot wide. The precision that Sousa lacked was what Samu Saiz had left over. The Girona attacker showed quality and vision to draw a pinpoint pass to Borja García, who did not waste the gift and calmly defined against Fernando.

Shield/Flag Girona

The 0-1 threw Almerí’s good start down the draina, who was forced to row upriver from the 13th minute. The goal hurt Rubi’s. Almería took time to recover and Girona, with Saiz as an exceptional pitcher, put together another quick transition that did not end in a 0-2 miracle. Bustos pardoned in the mouth of the goal, Ely took it under the sticks and Fernando avoided Bernardo’s 0-2 in the subsequent corner.

The break suited the locals better. Rubi introduced Lazo, recomposed the drawing and Almería took steps forward. Girona was waiting for a local error to give the final blow to the game. The opportunity did not come. Yes, the Andalusians chained several. Portillo, Sousa, De la Hoz and especially Juan Villar, whose volley was met with another stellar save by Juan Carlos.

In the final straight they would arrive the number of the VARthe two penalties to limbo and the carousel of chances in one and the other goal. But without Sadiq and with Juan Carlos in a state of grace, the 0-1 ended up being immovable. Girona is consolidated in the playoff zone and Almería is left without a mattress.


Jose Carlos (45′, Bunuel), John Villar (62′, Dyego Sousa), Arnau Martinez (62′, Lucas Robertone), David Junca (64′, Jairo Izquierdo), Victor Sanchez (67′, Samuel Saiz), stuani (67′, Nahuel Bustos), Arvin Appiah (72′, Eguaras), Ramon Terrats (78′, Borja Garcia), Ivan Martin (78′, Pol Lozano), Alex Centelles (80′, Akieme)


0-1, 12′: Borja Garcia


Referee: Gorka Sagués Oscoz
VAR Referee: Jon Ander González Esteban
Pol Lozano (18′, Yellow) rodrigo ely (45′, Yellow) Good Santi (48′, Yellow) Water well (50′, Yellow) Victor Sanchez (77′, Yellow) Juan Carlos (79′, Yellow) Aleix Garcia (82′, Yellow) Bernard (88′, Yellow) Borja Garcia (90′, Red