Ledesma: “In Argentina the national team would not have called me”

In this second part of the interview that Conan Ledesma (Pergamino, Argentina; 02/13/93, 29 years old) offered to AS, the Cádiz goalkeeper talks about Argentine football and the need that he considers there is for the VAR to be installed so that it does not weigh “so much the jersey of four or five clubs”. In addition, he jokes that if Cádiz wore red and black perhaps it would have cost him more to adapt and talks about that donation he made to the Rosario Central quarry before heading to Cádiz. Finally, he sent a message to the cadista fans and affirmed that he trusts that the yellow team will stay in LaLiga Santander.

– When they told you about the offer from Cádiz, did you know anything about the team? In the end, I hadn’t been in the First Division for a long time.

– When I received the offer from Cádiz, the team had already been promoted to the First Division and I had listened to it, but if I am honest I had not seen a single Cádiz match in the Second Division, but I knew that it had been promoted and that it had been fighting from below. I didn’t mind, I like challenges. I wanted to come to Europe to measure myself against the best players in the world and see if I was up to the task. I was very happy and my goal was to take advantage of it one hundred percent.

– He came from Rosario Central, a club of which he is also a fan.

– Yes, I am a fan of Rosario Central. It’s a club that gave me, not just food and shelter, but the start of a career. It gave me the opportunity to educate myself, to know what it means to be a champion and I owe everything to this beautiful club.

– At least the colors didn’t change. It would have been more complicated if Cádiz came to wear red and black, right? (Newell’s colors that, together with Rosario Central, are the teams from the city of Rosario and, therefore, there is a high level of rivalry)

– I would have taken it a bit more complicated, but blue and yellow are clearly always in my life (laughs).

– I seem to remember that when he signed for Cádiz he made a donation to the Rosario Central youth academy.

– Yes. In Argentina it’s not like here, where numbers are in order, but people suffer a lot because of the situation the country is in. So before coming here I donated five salaries to my club’s youth academy so that it could be invested exclusively in them. That the courts can be set up well; that they be given elements, be they cones, balls, figures, fences, spades… whatever is necessary. One always has the illusion when he arrives at a club in inferior Argentina to have all the elements and an ideal preparation for tomorrow to be in the First Division and to be as prepared as possible and many times it does not go through bad management or thoughts of those who lead to out the club at that time.

– Of course, you always keep an eye on Central, right?

– I watch all the Central matches whenever I can because it’s four more hours, but normally they catch me good times, so in this Championship I saw them all.

– The last game was the classic, Newells finally won.

– No luck, but I always say the same thing, it’s football and Rosario had many classics without losing, she has a record of 17 classics up and at some point we were going to lose again, that’s clear, football has that dynamic, you don’t go to win 100 consecutive games. I am happy because I follow my team and when I see the grandstand with 40,000 people cheering it always makes me happy to think that I was in a beautiful place and I know that I will end up there.

– The rogue fans are very passionate, now they have the Cádiz fans. Does he also feel protected by them?

– The Cádiz fans are very similar. Rosario Central’s is very passionate, but the reality is that the passionate also turns violent. In Argentina there is already public knowledge. The one from Cádiz is also very passionate, she sings a lot, she is encouraged all the time and that is very important for us as a team. In the last home games the people are always a plus

– What differences do you find between football in Spain and Argentina?

– There’s a lot. We are talking about the fact that the Spanish League is the second best in the world for me. Not only in terms of infrastructure of stadiums and fields, but in terms of the form of training, the organization of the tournament, the VAR, which in Argentina does not exist and you see that a lot of things happen in the matches that you think, how crazy! ! And with the VAR they would be solved. Football is a little more stuck in Argentina, but well, I trust that it is on the way to that, to improvement.

– Do you think that the implementation of VAR in Argentina would reduce the excitement of the stands?

– I think not, because there would also be more justice in many aspects. I believe that the passion of Argentine football will not be lost due to the installation of VAR, quite the contrary, it will be fairer and it will give many more possibilities to the smaller teams and the four-piece jersey will not weigh as much or five clubs that are bigger. It could be rearranged a bit. The passion of Argentine football will continue to exist because of the demands that people put on you.

– Do you think that your arrival in Spanish football has been key to receiving the call from the national team?

– Yes, totally, because being in Argentina they had never called me and being in Spain, after the second game, they summoned me. It was due to the injury of a colleague, of Musso, which at the time made me happy for myself, but the truth is that it made me very sad for him, because one never wishes an injury to a colleague. I think that if he had been in Argentina they would not have called me. I think Argentine soccer was not even competing at that time because of the pandemic issue.

– Do you feel that you were not valued while in Argentina? In the end, when they mention him, he is still the same as the one who competed there and it seems that he needed to be in Spain for them to count on you.

– Yes, but when you come to a European league and you do well it makes them look at you differently because they see another performance, that they see that Benzema, Oyarzabal, Messi are kicking you at that moment… The best strikers in the world are kicking you and they measure you with another yardstick.

– You say that the Spanish league is the second best in the world. Which one is the best for you?

– The First Division.

– How was that experience with the Olympic?

– It was the most beautiful experience I had to live. Hopefully God willing and they take me as a major to some more citation. It is not only because of what I competed in football, but also because of what I lived abroad: the organization, all the athletes, seeing the entire world elite… it was really incredible.

– Does Conan hope to participate in the World Cup in Qatar?

– You always have hope. For that I have to continue on this path, which I think is good. It is very important that we stay in the First Division with Cádiz, that would be the first step, to have a good level in the remaining games and it will be up to the national team coaches to decide if they consider that I am ready to go to the World Cup or not , but one always maintains that illusion.

– Does Cádiz achieve permanence in the First Division?

– I think so, we’re on it. The people, the teams and everyone are seeing a more seasoned Cádiz, with the ball at their feet, much more daring, creating situations and seeing a consolidated team. That gives hope to all of us and we are going to fight until the end to make it that way.

– Would you like to continue in Cádiz?

– Today I only think about Cádiz and saving ourselves. What destiny holds for me in the end will be seen.

– A message to the fans.

– What they know, the unconditional support that we thank them for continuing to be there, that there are few dates left and that they are also a fundamental part of this objective, which is to stay in the First Division. May they accompany us to the end.