Liga BBVA MX Femenil: Clausura 2022 – Devilish win at the Nemesio Diez


Devilish victory to be close to Liguilla. Toluca had not beaten a team by three goals since July 2019 when they triumphed over Puebla in Cuauhtémoc, 0-3.

After a hard loss at home against America, Toluca returned to play at home on the thirteenth day. In this case, in the Nemesio Diez they were looking for their third win to get close to the Liguilla positions. A weak tournament in 13 dates with Gabriel Velasco.

On the other hand, came the visit of Querétaro who triumphed at home against Necaxa with a loose result of 3-0. In this match, they were looking for their fifth victory in the competition and to settle even more in the Liguilla positions that at the moment, they hold the eighth place in the table.

Friction at zeros in the first part

As soon as the match began, it was noted how jammed the game was going to be with several unnecessary infractions in the midfield of the field of play. Blows distributed by both teams that forgot to play in the first minutes, Ricardo Emmanuel Chavezcentral judge of the contest admonished on the 11 minutes to Daniela Sanchez.

On an infraction, Querétaro had the first of the game with a shot near midcourt, and Wendy Toledoblocked by the sun, it flew to the right angle to save. The still ball was once again important for Queretaro, who caused concern with another execution bounced off the ground, and Toledo saved without rebounding.

Before half an hour, the game was going to change completely. a lack of Maritza Maldonado showing his blemishes on his face Naomi Granados he was penalized with a red card. With one player less in the visit, Toluca took over the actions. The first, a shot of Destinney Duron what vanessa cordoba ajató The ball slipped from him, and he was close to crossing the goal line, but he secured the ball again.

Later, Maria Fernanda Sanchez He executed a closed corner that Vanessa Córdoba had to handle, clearing the danger. She again cut a cross, and then was called to save a left foot from Isela Ojeda. At the end, the friction was present again, with infractions of Toluca that cost the yellow of yamanic martinez and Destinney Duron.

Goleada in the complement

At 51 minutes, the variants arrived for Toluca with the income refreshing both the offense and the defense, the latter, due to a yellow card. Isela Ojeda left the field of play and entered Caroline Miranda and in the rear, the cautioned Yamanic Martínez came out and Jazmín López entered.

About 55 minutes in, a header assist found Diana Guatemala who in the race eluded Vanessa Córdoba and defined with the bow at her mercy. Quickly, the devils increased the advantage with a free kick by Noemí Granados looking for Destinney Durón, Córdoba ran her over, and from the penalty spot, Karen Becerril he scored the second goal.

With the need to look for a discount soon, carla rossi made three variations. entered Daniela Flores, Maria Lourdes Ramirez and Alexandra Medina by Mayra SantanaDaniela Sanchez and ianne lopez respectively. However, the new players did not cause danger until the 80th minute when a long ball looked for Flores, but before Wendy Toledo saved.

Already in the aggregate, Alejandra Medina pressured by the youth, Ashley Dominguez who entered by Zulma Hernandez gave back and Carolina Miranda took the opportunity to cross her shot putting the third final goal on the scoreboard. Toluca was one point behind Liguilla, and Querétaro remains in eighth place despite the loss. The devils will visit Atlas, while the queretanas will receive Xolos.

Cover photo: @oncediariomx