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Martín Cardetti analyzes the defeat of Santa Fe against Nacional – Colombian Soccer – Sports



Martin Cardetti

MartÃn Cardetti, technician at Independiente Santa Fe.


Hector Fabio Zamora. TIME

Martín Cardetti, coach of Independiente Santa Fe.

The DT analyzed the defeat of Santa Fe in the Atanasio Girardot.

Independent Santa Fe fought in Medellin looking for a good result against Nacional, but could not. They lost 2-1 in an intense game in which they could have achieved a draw.

Words of Cardetti

Martín Cardetti, coach of Santa Fe, gave his opinion of the matchIn addition, showing his disagreement with the actions of the referees in Medellín “The feeling is good, we sold the defeat dearly. We went looking. A clear penalty that they do not charge us, all the hands are reviewed and that one is not. The hand is clear, but they did not collect it. We missed a lot of goals, that’s where the key lies. We played a good game”.

Cardetti continued in his criticism of the referee. “It was very bad, he didn’t have the courage to review a previous move that was a handball. Then the fouls, the yellow cards he received. For me it wasn’t good, but it can be wrong. It happens due to human error, it can be wrong. it harmed us” he added on the subject of the referees.

Regarding the lack of goal, he said: “We tried from the outside, we were wide to finish inside, things were done well, sometimes he doesn’t want to go in like today and it’s incredible that we didn’t get a single point when we had 5, 6 clear situations goal”.


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