Mexico dreams of experiencing a UEFA Champions League match in the country

The UEFA Champions League will experience a unique event in Querétaro with the aim of increasing its fans in Mexico

Mexico will become the first country in the world to host a festival of the Champions League outside the host city of the final. The event, which will be held on May 28 at the Olympic Stadium in Querétaro, feeds the dream of the organizers of having an official match of the UEFA competition in the future.

Present at the presentation of this international event, which took place at the Manuel Gómez Morín Cultural Center, were Mariela Morán, secretary of tourism for Querétaro, Rainer Strauss, director of Pepsi, as well as Paris Rodrigo and Mauricio Torres, president and CEO. of ACE Advertising, who brought the Fan Festival of the Champions League to Mexico and now they dream that a match of the most important tournament at UEFA club level will be played in a stadium in the country.

“It could be a great dream. We always dream, we always achieve our dreams. The first thing we have to do is make the best Fan Fest in the world, even better than what is done in the host city, as we have done with other sports. It is not unreasonable, it is clearly in our mind. However, that does not depend on us, but what does depend on us is to make the best Fan Fest in the Champions League“expressed Paris Rodrigo.

“We are opening the eyes of UEFA already Champions League from Mexicofirst, and then from Querétaro. I am sure that they will begin to see a lot here. We have it super clear UEFA Champions League is very interested in increasing her fans in Mexicoin Latin America in general, they bring a very solid strategy and this Fan Festival is part of increasing the fan base and this is the door. Let’s do it well and I’m sure that later we will be able to bring an even bigger surprise,” said Mauricio Torres.

The main protagonists of the event will be a 223 square meter screen on which the final of the Champions Leaguein addition to the presence of retired and active soccer players. However, so far, only Rafael Márquez is confirmed, but more players will be announced in the coming days.

Mariela Morán, secretary of tourism for Querétaro, was grateful to the sponsors for choosing her state to celebrate the event, as she believes that it will put them in the eyes of the world.

“In Querétaro, celebrating this type of world-class events allows us to project our state to the whole world. Querétaro will be the proud headquarters of thousands of soccer fans. Querétaro is consolidated as a state of entertainment, we will be at the height of the expectations”.