The Second RFEF of Córdoba is decided in the last ten days (IV)

could not pass the draw Cordova against Montijo at the Emilio Macarro, so he saw the options of a promotion by the fastest route vanish, on matchday 28 using the direct match in Cáceres. However, the week was not bad for his interests, since he added to his locker the points expected from the postponed game against Tamaraceite and the point he achieved this Sunday was better due to the punctures of his two pursuers.

Adjust the accounts of when Córdoba can ascend It will depend to a great extent on the two Cacereño games this week: the visit to the Messenger in his postponed Wednesday and the direct match against Germán Crespo’s pupils on Sunday. The Cordovan team can be at 7:25 p.m. on the first Sunday in April with an advantage range between 7 and 16 points, very wide for speculation.

The day confirmed Ceuta as one of the strongest candidates in the play-off zone, as well as the awakening at the end of Villanovense with his new coach, making it clear that as soon as he does half well he will win the game against Montijo, very depleted, in the fight for fifth place .

While, the Coriaas I was pointing, he is the first to dropso much so that he already has teams ahead of him and is five points from the target, which leads us to even take him out of the section, in which we will wait for the evolution of San Roque de Lepe and Vélez at least one more week to see if they slip in in the same as applicants.



Thirteen points is his current income to the second classified, with 21 at stake. As we pointed out before, the range of what can happen this week is very wide. If the Messenger gives him a hand with the Cacereño -the tie is worth it-, he would already depend on himself to ascend in the run-up to Palm Sunday. He would have 12 points, which would be 15 winning at Prince Felipe. And since he would have the average in his favor, he would know that by beating Villanovense he would maintain at least a difference of 15 before days 30, 31, 32, 33 and 34 (15 points). Promotion before Easter.

2.- CACEREÑO. 52 POINTS (and one game less)

Messenger-CÓRDOBA-Montijo-Villanovense-MÉRIDA-Las Palmas Atlético-BAKERY PULIDO-Ceuta

But the worst case scenario for Córdoba would be for the verdiblancos to be able to do 6 of 6 this week. Go to La Palma and win and also get strong in Prince Felipe. If that happens, the Blanquiverde promotion could never be against Villanovense and possibly not in Mérida either, because for that Julio Cobos’s men would have to fail in those two subsequent days. All in all, it doesn’t seem easy for Cacereño to win neither Messenger, who is playing out of direct relegation, nor Córdoba. In fact, he has five very complicated days ahead of him, which will mark his position in the table.

El Cacereño saw his streak cut short against San Roque de Lepe.  Photo: J. Delgado / San Roque de Lepe

El Cacereño saw his streak cut short against San Roque de Lepe. Photo: J. Delgado / San Roque de Lepe



How the Palma team spends them in the Silvestre Carrillo can give an account of the cast from Merida. As in the case of Cacereño, who had five consecutive victories before going to Lepe, there were many days in a row with good results for those of Romano José Fouto. They have a key duel now before a very tough schedule that will mark their future and whether they will be in the play-offs or give options to other teams.



Beware of the North African squad, which due to the calendar could soon be aspiring not only to third place, in which they have equaled with Mérida, but even to second. Don Benito was not an easy way out and he took her out and he now has a month in which he could apparently get a lot of points. His presence among the elect seems certain, among other things because he has already made a cut with his pursuers.



His victory in Antequera was transcendental for his accounts, although a more than demanding calendar is coming, including even their match against San Roque de Lepe, which they could ‘put’ in the race if they don’t win. Seeing the bottle half full, if they are in the play-off by leaving so many points, they have options, but everything will depend on how they respond in the following games before the last two, apparently for a 6 out of 6, which the league gives them .



Admirable continues to be the season of Juan Marrero’s team, despite the fact that the feeling is that arrives very short of gasoline to the final stretch, hardly being able to make changes in the matches. In his accounts, his visit to Cádiz this week seems very important, because then five consecutive Extremaduran rivalry duels come in which it seems complex for him to accumulate consecutive victories. Of course, he will compete for sure in the seven days that remain, especially at home.