Vinicius’s challenges with Real Madrid after his success with Brazil

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vinicius junior has returned to Valdebebas after being released by titus. the end of the Real Madrid is already preparing in the sports city merengue the next duel of The league against him Celta Vigo. He does it after achieving a goal that was marked on his personal roadmap: managing to score his first goal with the Brazil’s selection.

Once the last international break in the middle of the 2021/2022 season has been overcome, Vinicius faces the final stretch of the campaign with Real Madrid. At stake, both La Liga and the Champions League. The merengue team is the leader of the domestic championship and will seek the semifinals of the maximum continental competition against chelsea.

Two objectives for which the figure of ‘Friends’. The white ’20’ has become a fixture in the plans of Ancelotti. Beside Benzema He has a guaranteed place in the Madrid trident. It is that third hole that is always an unknown. But not the Brazilian’s position on the left side of Real Madrid’s attack.

Vinicius regrets a missed opportunity


First Champions

Real Madrid won its last Champions League in 2018. A ‘eared’ which was the fourth in five years for the Concha Espina club. Since that definitive victory against the Liverpoolthe merengue team has not returned to sit on the continental throne.

Vinicius arrived after this at the white house. That is why Vinicius still does not know what winning the Champions tastes like. One of the goals for the Brazilian and also one of the great dreams of his career. So far this season, the ’20’ has been very important for Real Madrid in Europe with his two goals and, above all, with his five assists.

Vinicius points to the Real Madrid shield after his goal against FC Barcelona

Vinicius points to the Real Madrid shield after his goal against FC Barcelona


double – double

These two goals and five assists are added to those he has signed both in La Liga and in the Spain Supercupsince in the Copa del Rey This campaign has not been released. ‘Vini’ accumulates a total of 17 goals and 14 assists in this 2021/2022 season.

This puts him within range of reaching a particular double-double that he has not yet achieved in his career since he wore white. This double-double is a term used in basketball. Extrapolated to football, it could be spoken of as exceeding 20 goals and 20 assists in the same season.

Karim Benzema congratulates Vinicius for his goal at FC Barcelona

Karim Benzema congratulates Vinicius for his goal at FC Barcelona


elite corps

Vinicius Júnior accumulates, at this stage of the season, 3,289 minutes. These spread over 2,212′ in La Liga; 703′ in the Champions League; 178′ in the Copa del Rey; and 196′ in the Spanish Super Cup. This record already marks by itself a personal record since he wears white.

The objective now is to overcome the barrier of 4000 minutes. A barrier that, in recent years, has only been broken down by untouchable players. For the non-negotiable at Real Madrid. Those destined to lead the team to titles. And Vinicius is already one of them.

Kylian Mbappé, at the Santiago Bernabéu

Kylian Mbappé, at the Santiago Bernabéu


Confirmation before Mbappé

His great campaign at Real Madrid is leading Vinicius towards confirmation at the Santiago Bernabéu. And, furthermore, at a key moment. Why? Because this summer it is planned that Kylian Mbappe become the star signing of the thirteen-time European champion.

His consecration is important to have a guaranteed place in the Madrid trident along with Benzema and Mbappé himself. This, in addition, with doubts about whether any more top reinforcements will arrive for Real Madrid’s attack. Names like Haland also sound.

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