A key week: Córdoba CF and its countdown to play with Cacereño

The competitive future of Cordoba CF could be resolved in as little as 12 days. The blanquiverdes, outstanding leaders of the group 4 of the Second RFEFwill be measured at CP Cacereno next Sunday, April 3 (5:30 p.m.) with the real possibility of leaving the category promotion very close. The only objective existing in the entity is around the corner and in the prince philip they would have the perfect opportunity to deal the final blow to the championship.

The calculator, pending Messenger-Cacereno

The set of German Crespo, although draw against UD Montijo at home (1-1)managed to increase his income points up to 13. Those from Cáceres did not take advantage of the situation generated by the tables in the Emilio Macarro and, even, they were not able to overcome the CD San ​​Roque de Lepe (2-0). because those of Julio Cobosfor practically a few months, he was the main rival of some Cordobesistas who keep their attention on what may happen, this Wednesday, March 30 (7:00 p.m.)during her postponed engagement.

In La Palma, before the CD Messengerthe Extremadurans will have to win to maintain the competitive pulse for a few more weeks. If not, the weekend duel seems vital for both teams, which could define whether or not there are ballots so that Córdoba CF is left without first place -and direct promotion-. And it is that, then, the presumed party would be transferred to El Arcángel for the April 9 -with the visit of CF Villanovense- or, at the latest, in the fief of the AD Merida.

It’s all cabals and pools, a circumstance that has been repeated since the team raised its distance to more than 10 points and that, after the improper alignment of Javier Flores with the UD San ​​Fernandowas partially reduced. From that lesson she tried to draw an accurate conclusion from the block so as not to trust from here to the end. In fact, the official speech made by several players in the following appearances before the media reflected caution as a starting point to close the tortuous path through the new -and unknown- federative category.

The results are arriving despite the fact that the adversaries’ need caused it to take a little more effort -as was observed before the nice or in the first half with the UD Tamara Oil-. The Cacereño, meanwhile, could keep up and contemplates the horizon to cut, suddenly, 6 points to the leader in two games. That plot of the script, the worst possible for the Cordobesistas, would glimpse an unexpected outcome in which they would have to remain calm so as not to give up their comfortable qualifying place.

José Alonso and Ekaitz Jiménez, the doubts

The coach from Granada granted, on the day of this Tuesday, the weekly rest to yours. He arrived after a gentle recovery session at the Ciudad Deportiva. Attention was focused on two men, the defenders Jose Alonso and Ekaitz Jimenez.

Huelva keep working outside to be one more as soon as possible, although it is true that he has been off the pitch since last January. The Basque side, meanwhile, was not in the facilities of the Camino de Carbonell and we will have to wait to know his physical condition. Remember that he suffered pubic discomfort and also in a kneeso they did not want to force him to play on a synthetic turf like Montijano.

The performance offered on this surface was not the most satisfactory, since the Córdoba did not know victory in any stadium with an artificial floor – except for the one mentioned Saint Ferdinand that was left worthless in the offices. However, Prince Felipe de Cáceres is a natural, which will give a plus to a wardrobe that usually perfectly performs his appointments at home -the 14 victories attest to it-.

Therefore, the blanquiverdes will start the preparation from Wednesday and will have four training sessions in order to find the key and the best system to beat their opponents. The Montijo 4-4-2with Anthony Houses and Willy Ledesma from the start, it had its positive and negative aspects, especially in the lack of leadership inside -which at times blocked the vision and order of Javier Flores and Alex Bernal-. Thus, Crespo will have to analyze all his strengths, which are many, to decide Sunday afternoon football in his favor. It will also be necessary to check if the discards of this weekend, Alexander Viedma and omar perdomothey can have a place in an eleven where there are always surprises and in which almost no player is considered the undisputed starter.

Coexistence meal in the club

The blanquiverde team tried to disconnect before heading towards the decisive part of the season. The players and the coaching staff, as well as club employees, shared a convivial meal at the Gastrotaberna La Chiquita de Quini. During the table talk they were able to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the establishment and even a live flamenco performance that many of them showed through their social networks. It is not the first time that all those who make up the entity carry out a similar activity. In fact, recently, staff from the various departments went up to the Hermitages on another day to strengthen ties.

With his feet on the ground, looking inevitably at the Sylvester Carrillo from La Palma, Córdoba CF is preparing for a key week, a few days of nerves before facing the decisive match for first place.