Colombia new generation after elimination | Colombia selection


Colombia was left with no chance of going to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, but now it will have to forget about it, and turn the page thinking about the new helmsman and the next generation of players that are coming. In the short term, consolidate a good group for the next challenges, and in the long term, with a lot of work to restore collective confidence, establish a national team capable of competing in the Qualifiers and qualify for the 2026 orbital event in the United States, Canada and Mexico. . But is the National Team ready for the change that will have to come?

As Willington Ortiz expressed, ‘whenever a cycle ends, the logical thing is for a new one to come. It is normal that new faces appear now. That is what is coming now. It will be a pride and an honor for these young people to wear the shirt of the Colombian National Team’. The country will have to think about new soccer players in search of good results for the next World Cup qualifiers, since the Colombian National Team of the two World Cups is unfortunately already reaching its age limit.

This will be the end of perhaps the best generation of Colombia in years that restored the illusion of an entire country after 16 years without attending a World Cup and leaving the name of Colombia high by sealing its best participation in a World Cup event by staying in the quarterfinals. Four years later, they reached the round of 16. A base that they had in 2014 and 2018, but that they did not manage to go to their third consecutive World Cup.

Football is, and always will be, an unfair discipline for the great leaders of a country. Colombian football has a lot to thank Radamel Falcao García and unfortunately his age is a limiting factor. The historical scorer was only able to play one World Cup with the national team, a more than hard blow not having been able to qualify Qatar to play a new World Cup. Likewise, David Ospina and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado will arrive at the next Qualifiers at the age of 35, where we have to think of a new goalkeeper that Álvaro Montero could occupy due to his excellent performances with Millonarios and his 29 years once the path to the World Cup 2026.

During this Qualifying Round, Colombia had an average age per position of 31 for the goalkeepers, 29 for the defenders, 26 midfielders and 27 for the forwards, without a doubt, ages that will have several changes in the future. Thus, there are two candidates in goal: Álvaro Montero and Iván Arboleda, 27 and 25 years old respectively.

In the defensive back, the one who appears the most is Andrés Felipe Llinás due to his extensive experience in Millonarios, but also his teammate Andrés Felipe Román on the right wing, and Juan David Mosquera on the left. In Santa Fe they have included a youth squad named Kevin Mantilla in recent games who, if they give him continuity, will be able to give something to talk about in the future. In addition, the next helmsman will be able to continue counting on Daniel Muñoz, Yerry Mina, Yairo Moreno, Dávinson Sánchez, Carlos Cuesta and Jhon Janer Lucumí who are still at an ideal age for the next Qualifiers and Copa América.

In midfield, Jefferson Lerma, Wilmar Barrios and Gustavo Cuéllar will probably be the ones who will dominate midfield, waiting to see the development of Matheus Uribe who would arrive at 33 years old. However, it would be interesting to have Fabián Ángel, Jorman Campuzano or Andrés Colorado at a high level in Sao Paulo.

On the wings, continuing with the figure of Luis Díaz will be more than essential with more minutes in Liverpool and assuming the leadership of the next national team. Yaser Asprilla, Juan Camilo Hernández and Luis Sinisterra as serious candidates to play on the right wing or with their versatility and versatility to start in the offensive zone accompanying Jhon Jáder Durán, Harold Preciado, Rafael Santos Borré, Luis Javier Suárez or Alfredo Morelos as an attack card.

But perhaps the most complicated thing that has been in doubt during these Qualifiers has been the generation of the game. With the uncertainty if James Rodríguez will be fine in the coming years due to his recurring injuries, and with a Juan Fernando Quintero who will arrive at 31 years old, Luis Díaz could play behind the nine trying a new scheme, or think about Jorge Carrascal or Jáminton Campaz .

We will have to wait for who will take the reins of the Colombian National Team, which without a doubt, will have the challenge of restoring the confidence of a country waiting to meet the new generation of the National Team. There is plenty of young talent in all the departments of Colombia, and that is where cracks are forged worldwide.