Dani Cancels from his (semi) bubble: Direct promotion, a chimera

return the columns of Dani Cancela, ex-Depor and footballer from A Coruña, enrolled in the ranks of the Hong Kong Kitchee for a decade. In his serial entitled ‘From the (semi) bubble’, he tells us about the feelings that the defeat against Celta B left him with.

Direct ascent, a chimera

It is difficult to try to explain what happened on Sunday in Balaídos without getting carried away by the noise. The noise of the inappropriate attitude of a boy who had gone unnoticed on the field of play and who wanted to play be the protagonist after the final whistle. That he is not aware of what his actions or gestures can cause and that he does not realize that he is the main actor in a show, that began with the anthem that unites us all and that could end as the rosary of the dawn.

The noise of some disputed refereeing decisionsbut in no case flagrant this time, which completely changed the course of a game that in less than five minutes could have a scenario in which it was the sky-blue subsidiary that found itself tied at one and one player less, and not Dépor .

But that noise should not prevent us from hearing the cry of a team that cracks and falls. Sometimes deservedly, others, like on Sunday, the victim of an undeserved and too cruel fate. But falling hurts more when you do it thinking that you have done everything in your power to stay on your feet. Cause that’s when you can come to believe that what you have does not come to you.

And the bad thing is that It was by no means the team’s worst game in the last month and a half, despite the fact that both the system and the first few minutes presaged the worst. Borja, in another symptom that he does not have things as clear as he wants us to see, played for the first time all year with three centrals and with two lanes. the two lefties. Four midfielders none of whom enter the box or see the door with particular ease and with a striker who is the top scorer in the category but who likes to live away from the central defenders. All the ingredients were given for Deportivo dominated the game but did not even tickle in attackand for him to struggle defensively against a team of fast wingers and tall wingers. As it is. Dépor did not adjust the marks on the band, Celta B got on the bike and Jaime let the sky-blue striker eat the toast. Once again, and there have been too many lately, that one of your central defenders makes a big mistake that costs a goal. Far is that rocky team that cost blood, sweat and tears to score a goal. 1-0 and the feeling again of absolute inability to reverse the situation despite having a world left. Deportivo not only conceded on the outside but also left spaces on the inside in the uncertainty of a defense of three in which Granero was the one who came out better.

But it was redone. She did it in the first part through the association, almost always unsuccessful, yes, Juergen, Hector and Sorianoand of a aguirre that despite being limited playing on the right wing, found dangerous situations. And he did it in the second, adding to the recipe of the first part a more aggressive attitude in pressure and stealing higher up. But it was not until Borja realized that without William no area is stepped on when Deportivo translated their dominance into a goal. The Brazilian left as much as blue came into his way until they gave him a penalty. It could have been a second yellow, but not. Quiles did not fail. There was half an hour left and Dépor seemed to have recovered from all the ghosts, those of the past and those of the party itself. It was a matter of time to turn it around. The Celta players, tired and overwhelmed, did not seem to be able to face the blue and white team, that at that point I already knew that Racing was still doing its homework and that there was no room for error.

And then came the play that changed everything. Villares leaked a pass, Quiles dribbled past the goalkeeper. He touches him, he drops. The two things are trues. The real mistake was the Andalusian’s reaction after the grab in the first half. The gift card, the touch of attention that forces you to be ready and measure all your actions during the rest of the game. And Quiles didn’t. He did not measure that it was very difficult for a second penalty to be awarded in less than five minutes. He did not calculate that the referee, who had not dared to expel Carlos Dominguez in William’s penalty, she was going to work up the courage this time to kick him out. But she did, and the game turned completely around.

Borja removed Soriano, left Willian on top and the team put up with everything with Calavera embedded between the three in the middle. Incomprehensibly, the tie seemed to be worth it even though it meant giving up more ground with the leader, and Celta B, who had regained the initiative from superiority, still could not find the way to score. Lautaro gave a couple of scares, but nothing predicted the outcome of the crash. Javi Gómez took the ball outside the area and put it in the top corner without time or energy for a reply. Celta B did not deserve it, neither did Deportivo. But when the protagonist is Dépor, there is always one more twist in the outcome of the story. There could even be another. Because in the last corner of the match, the foul that Lapeña is called on a ball that ends up going in is, once again, highly debatable.

With or without reason to complain, the truth is that Deportivo lost one more game in a second round typical of a mid-table team. Too many points in limbo to be able to achieve a goal as ambitious as the championship. Too many different situations to be able to blame someone external and not make a deep self-criticism about what used to work and now has stopped doing it. Direct ascent is a chimera but the ultimate goal is still possible. There are nine games left, many hours of work ahead and the absolute need to make the players believe that there is a marked path and a plan to follow it. He is the coach that the club chose for this project, the one who actively participated in the construction of the squad and the one forced to get the best version out of itfrom which he is now very far away and in that he is to blame. On Saturday, against Majadahonda, he runs out of excuses and you will have to pull one of those that you have in the background defenestrated. On Saturday, ironically, maybe Noel will be the one to take the chestnuts out of the fire.