Goleada, attendance record and pass to Champions semifinal.

Photo: Barça Women.

The big day finally arrived, the long-awaited moment when, in front of 91,553 dreamers, the Camp Nou would open its doors to a Uefa Women’s Champions League match.

From very early on, the nervousness and frenzy was breathed in the surroundings of the stadium, the fans gathered with the illusion of giving the best support to the squad azulgrana. The prelude to the initial whistle was from another planet; an impressive mosaic clothed all the stands.

The decisive hour arrived and the ball began to roll, the domain would be handled quickly by the locals, who from the opening of the field managed to break the opponent; Mapi Leon with a strong shot he opened the scoring in just eight minutes, The White House he wouldn’t sit idly by, on the contrary he reacted quickly and in a dubious play, the referee sanctioned a penalty; Olga Carmona execute and get the partial equality.

The commitment was increasing revolutions, the attacks and counters of the two templates were of high danger, the closures and millimetric removals decanted the game times. With the passing of the minutes, the two goalkeepers began to have an outstanding performance in the first half. Without further events, they left for the break.

The final stage would start with a surprise; CLaura Zornoza He shot from medium distance, bathed the goalkeeper and placed the second of the visit. Despite the goal, the stands did not stop cheering, Giraldez he saw spaces and rearranged the tactic, obtaining optimal results; aitana I tie it at 52′ and then Claudia Pineapple with a bit of “picardy” she scored the third for the Catalans. The path was clear meeting regained control, pulled the strings again, and in a quick move Alexia Putellas it widened the distance in the light. Classification was just around the corner and all that remained was to be intelligent, something that the Norwegian Graham understands very well, who with quick transitions was faster than the defense and sentenced the definitive fifth goal. With the overwhelming 5-2 the clock finished spinning and the celebration invaded the field, the well-deserved advance to the semifinals of the Uefa Womens Champions League would be accompanied by an impressive world record attendance.

Congratulations Barcelona fans!

Made by Sebastian Murcia.

Author: Sebastian Murcia