Juventus: Dusan Vlahovic, the record transfer in this winter market | sports

The record transfer of world football in the winter market, 80 million to go from Fiorentina to Juventus, responds to the name of Dusan Vlahovic (Belgrade, 22 years old). A diamond to be polished that already treasures the technical and physical strokes that identify the great center forwards of the present in the international football scene.

From Cristiano Ronaldo he inherits the 7 and the pressure that the Juventus shirt carries intrinsically, fueled by the price of the signing and the high record that it will charge, seven million net per season. With Haaland he shares the dominant leg, the left, and the facility for running shots regardless of position and distance. Ibrahimovic will continue to be his first reference because from the age of 16, when he signed his first professional contract with Partizan, he was always the mirror in which he looked at himself until he publicly acknowledged that his dream was to be the Zlatan of the Balkans.

And, lastly, as much as with his transfer to the Old lady has betrayed the hearts of amateurs of Fiorentina, as Roberto Baggio and Chiesa, among others, did before, for the vlol He will always be the Batistuta of the 21st century, which was how he was baptized last season when he began to emerge as the scoring leader.

His statistics from the last calendar year (2021) simply feed the sensations he offers on the pitch. His 33 goals in 43 games were only surpassed by Lewandowsky (43/34). He bettered the goalscoring numbers of Haaland (30/31), Benzema (30/38), Cristiano Ronaldo (25/39), Messi (24/32) and Mbappé (24/35). So far this season, in Serie A, he has scored 17 goals in 21 games and leads the scoring charts with Immobile (17/19).

The cliché, due to his 190 centimeters and stevedore shoulders, would define him as an old-fashioned battering ram, but he brings together a large part of the virtues that are most valued in the modern attacker. Pure center forward, he is of an age to deserve. He has already done it at Fiorentina, who polished him since he signed him at the age of 18 and had him in the spring team for almost a season because Serie A was as wide as it was long.

Born in January 2000, he could perfectly fit in among the precocious footballers of the new century. He has already monopolized the presence of the scouts of the big clubs since he arrived at Partizan at the age of 15. He towered over those two and three years older than him and his strides were destined for the elite. The best current condition of him is the shot with the left foot outlined in the race, with special ability for the cross shot before the goalkeeper exits.

In Italy he has learned to play on his back

In Italy he has learned to play with his back and take advantage of his measurements, but he prefers to receive and turn first with control aimed at putting his huge lower body into power, than to keep the ball between his legs to play it short with his teammate, who also it does.

Although almost 80 percent of his goals are influenced by the penalty spot area, his high participation in positional attack actions is striking and is explained by his good understanding of the collective game and the perfect coordination of movements of a body molded in the gym by a personal trainer who accompanies him day by day and even in the Serbian national team where he made his debut at the age of 20 years and eight months and has scored seven goals in 14 games.

Where he has a wide margin of improvement is in the aerial game. The 190 centimeters of him do not take advantage of the header. Of the 49 goals that he has scored with Fiorentina, only four were with the head, one of the last 22.

His nickname responds to the name of Duca and those who knew him from his beginnings in Belgrade assure that he has his head on his shoulders, he lived a childhood without traumas and that accompanied by good company he never exceeded his private life.

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