Lack of control in children’s football: a mother “hanged” a boy and it all ended in a fight


A children’s soccer game ended in a brawl after a boy was beaten and his mother hanged another boy.

A typical football game between children ended in runs, blows and loss of controlwhen a group of parents lit the fuse of the aggressions in a sports complex of the town of Maco in Santiago del Estero.

The incidents occurred on Sunday in an institution where a national children’s soccer championship was being played, and which had been organized by a little school called “La Gloriosa.”

The origin of the tension began when one of the children attending the complex was brutally attacked by the mother of another. “A match was being played between Estudiantes and La Gloriosa, category 2009. At one point two boys crossed paths in a foul and hit each other. They got up and a crossing was generated ”, authorities of the Estudiantes club commented to the newspaper The Liberal.

However, the event got out of control when the mother of the minorthat integrates the little school of La Gloriosa, entered the field while the game and hanged the boy who collided with his son. The images were recorded through one of the cameras of one of the attendees at the match.

“The woman, who had the child by the neck, squeezing him with both hands, dragged him more than a meter and a half. The parents of other children in the club who were on the court ran to prevent him from hanging him, “the club said.

The boy had gone to the property with the Student Club delegate, so his parents were later alerted to what had happened. At this time, they were evaluating making a complaint against the woman.

The boy’s neck is marked all over. He couldn’t breathe. He tried to get away, but this woman kept attacking him”, they emphasized from the entity, which specified that the boys were very scared by what happened and “some came home crying”.

Another episode of violence took place at sunset, when the quarterfinals were played between children of the 2012 category of Club Atlético Santiago and La Gloriosa (organizers) and a fight began between parents, when tempers were already “heated”. Again, there was pushing and shoving between the adults.

as reconstructed The LiberalPolice officers entered the property when the acts of violence were reported and dissuasive bullets were fired, so that the violent ones would stop beating each other. The prosecutor on duty, Celia Mussi, ordered the police to identify the aggressors and to examine the injured.

“Unfortunately, these types of events are very common, but not with the violence of what happened on Sunday. Parents are the ones who initiate these types of episodeswhen treat what for children is a game as an economic ‘salvation’ for them”, expressed the authorities of the Student Club through a statement.

“Many times the parents take the place of the technical director, they lead by going over the teachers, they insult each other, they fight with the referees and this type of situation ends in major conflicts. They are children who are in training despite the fact that they often see them as a gold mine and it is unfortunate. I hope this improves because it is getting worse and worse.”


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