Liverpool’s problems in renewal of Mohamed Salah, Colombian agent, Luis Díaz involved | premier league

Mohamed Salah’s renewal operation in Liverpool He has entered a determining phase: either he stays to continue making history at a club that guarantees him everything or he leaves for money and ventures into another club, already an older player. Everything is in Colombian hands.

How? So is. The Egyptian’s agent is Colombian Ramy Abba Sissa and he is in charge of carrying out a negotiation that has gone through difficult times, especially the last one, which forced Jürgen Klopp to distance himself. “I will not give you headlines,” he said at the press conference ahead of Wednesday’s match against Arsenal, to catch up on the Premier League schedule.

And it is that the representative is determined to make his client one of the best paid in the world, a situation that creates tension in the club, convinced that he needs Salah to aim for the four titles of the season, of which he has already added one (in the Carabao Cup), but also sure not to sell his soul for any player, prioritizing the institutionality.

Former Liverpool defender Glen Johnson explained the side-by-side tactics: “Whether it’s Liverpool or any other club, it’s never a good deal to let any of your starting XI players go for free. So yes, I think it’s tactics, but at the same time Liverpool can’t do business when they’re held to ransom because then it just sets a precedent for everyone else. Suddenly, other players will start to reduce their contracts to double their salary, “he assured.

And watch what he veiledly points out about Salah’s tough negotiator: “I don’t think Liverpool should walk into the meeting room with a gun to their head. I think they should put the sword in the ground and leave everything. Let’s face it, Liverpool are a top-tier club, Salah is a top-tier player, it shouldn’t be difficult to get over the line.” Everything is so complex that, according to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, negotiations have been stalled since December.

The Liverpool Echo newspaper is in that line of not giving in to pressure and reveals how the club sees a possible failure in the negotiations: “the Reds are not in a hurry to say goodbye to their Egyptian king yet, but after the latest twists in the negotiations of your contract, There seems to be a grudging acceptance that if his salary demands are beyond the club’s salary structure, now is the time. for him to go. It’s not ideal, but life will go on at Anfield.”

Salah is 29 years old, he thinks it’s time to live up to salaries like Cristiano Ronaldo’s or Grealish himself in England, and even Messi and Neymar outside the British border. But he understands that the club will maintain his transfer line, the same one that took him for 45 million euros and valued him up to 180 million euros that they would be considering today to let him out before 2023 when his contract expires.

Precisely there another Colombian enters the scene: Luis Díaz. Klopp has tired of saying that he is the right player, that he has the DNA of Liverpool and with his two goals and an assist in 10 games, the player has proved him right. It is not that the peasant is going to replace Salah, it is that Klopp and the North American owners of the club will use him as an example of what transfer planning is, of the good results that are expected by hiring under that premise of austerity and priority for the young player. It is a letter to show Salah that they love him but will know how to live without him.

Díaz is also one of the tests of the German DT to please the Egyptian, who demanded in the middle of the negotiation that investment be made in enhancing the payroll so that the titles are not the exception but the rule. The issue is that when the Egyptian asks for reinforcements, he does not think of the Colombian but of an Mbappé, a Haaland, a world-class prospect. And that, no matter how hard Diaz tries, they haven’t guaranteed it yet.

The issue is again that Liverpool will not allow unsustainable pressure to be put on them just to keep Salah dressed in red. They believe that, without his figure and with the money that can be made from his loan, the best players in the world will line up to replace him. After all, to be contesting all the titles of the season is already very seductive.

And while that bid does not seem to advance, Klopp has the consolation of Salah’s professionalism, who does not lose a second of attention for anything that happens off the court. Right now he is rushing to be physically at his best against Arsenal and he is not negotiating his thirst for titles. If he has little left defending the colors of Liverpool, he will do it with honor.