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The attention of football fans in Colombia is once again focused on the League, after what were the Qualifiers, leaving the tricolor without Qatar 2022. Now, Millonarios is ready to face the duel that will close matchday 13 of the championship, when receive Junior at the El Campín stadium.

One of the men remembered, by all the ambassador fans, is Richard Páez. For many, the Venezuelan laid the first stone in the rebirth of Millonarios, when he was close to relegation and who led, from the sporting point of view, part of what is taking place today in Bogota.

The coach spoke with FUTBOLREDabout the current situation of Millonarios, how he perceives it, players that catch his attention and the signings that he could not have, in his last semester in charge of the club, in 2012.

Follow-up to Millionaires and the process of Alberto Gamero

It fills me with satisfaction to see Millonarios de Gamero. It shows on the field what we left as an initial seed that cost us a lot at the beginning. It was to transform that competitive vision, that blue player had, when I arrived. I was in a critical situation, fighting for relegation.

As we planted concepts, to play as a big team, as it should be in Millonarios, the mentality of the club and the player changed. It was transformed and developed, until achieving the Cup title, leaving a great team football. Today when I see Millonarios de Gamero, I see it like this, that it represents Colombian soccer, as a big team. It fills me with satisfaction, it is a sign that South American football must go this way, to compete with European football.

Work of the game idea and the blue bases

They are things to sow much more daring concepts. I spoke with the full-backs of that time and they told me ‘teacher, we are not used to crossing the middle of the field, of reaching that zone three to be options for goal passes’. There were some who went out playing with the defenders, it seemed like a very high risk, they were not used to it. He forced the center backs to do that, the goalkeepers too, with their feet and hands.

Try to give the player a functional hierarchy, taking risks, to be a team with soccer authority on the field. Those are messages that for players who were used to acting in order not to lose, were complex. But to bet on a claim to always win. There was a change in Mosquera and Ochoa, it was a big development.

A few days ago, I saw the game we played against Atlético de Madrid, who had just become European champion. Seeing that Millionaires play was a source of pride for the fan and the Colombian. That if you can play against those organized and large teams from the economic point of view. We made a face-to-face approach, people went to see Atleti, but they got to see how Millonarios soccer grew.

Level of Richard Celis and Eduardo Sosa

They are two players with attitude, with determination. Perhaps they need to try to overcome that adaptation to Colombian soccer, it is faster, greater pressure, with players from first level fields. They must accept the intensity of Colombian soccer, unlike that of Venezuela, that takes time. The player must take on the challenge, be determined to do it, not wait a long time to adapt, that goes against his ability to prove it.

Eduardo has that more advanced, he has a more daring personality. He has that character of 10, he doesn’t hold back against rivals, he tries to show all his exposure. He must control his football reaction attitudes when receiving blows.

Richard is a player tailored to replace Emerson Rivaldo. He has daring characteristics, to project himself with vertical imbalance, he must adapt to play associatively, with his mischief and the anticipation of the play. They are concepts that must be adapted, for current football.

Praise for David Macallister Silva

He is a forward, he always plays with a rhythm of a dimension higher than the team’s average. For me, he is the Mayer Candelo that I had.

Maintain regularity in the current format in Colombia

achieve the concept, maintain the game identity. That the player gets used to it and grows in an even way, that he has more certainties than doubts. Rotations, because he will need others later, for those commitments, when everything depends on moments, on small evidence.

Many times, the home runs fall because they are not solid, because they do not have that fine structure in bad moments. Those teams that forge character, winning, playing badly, are the ones that really, in this type of format like Colombia’s, manage to be champions.

Perhaps those who do not have to bear the pressure, to stay in first place and then at a certain moment, due to something fortuitous, manage to transcend and win championships in the last games, have more advantage.

Frustrated transfers in his time as coach of Millonarios

when we made the hiring for 2012, we were wrong. The board did not bet on giving an increase to the average level of the team. They stayed with the previous economic average, when we found the team in crisis. They wanted to evolve with players of a lower economic average.

I wanted Wason, a different center back for the team, to accompany those who were already there. We needed to overcome what we had in 2011. That was where the error was, of not being able to count on a board that gave me the support, to overcome the level of players.

When I left, what they didn’t give me, they gave to Hernán Torres, to the others who were of another average level.

Sergio Cortes
FUTBOLRED Editorial Office