Premier League: Mitchell, the best and cleanest defender in the Premier who shines with England

Lto life of Tyrick Mitchell (Brent, United Kingdom, 1999) has not been easy. “He appreciated the smallest things,” said a defender who grew up in north-west London in a family of Jamaican origin. With his father in and out of jail, his mother was the one who helped him get ahead. “She is proud. After each game she calls me immediately and tells me how I did it”, the Crystal Palace left-back, who has reached senior status in England at 22 years old, told the ‘BBC’.

“When I played in grassroots football I saw the Wembley arch from around the corner. I dreamed of competing in the Premier, but I never thought I would reach the national team so quickly. It’s a privilege,” Mitchell said in the English media. that Gareth Southgate gave the alternative against Switzerland and Ivory Coastbeing the latest headline in the temple of ‘football’. A story similar to that of Sterling, his partner in the ‘Three Lions’ and ‘son’ also of Brent. “It has a different profile than our sides. He is fast, aggressive and defensively good“, declared a coach who called him before the losses of Alexander-Arnold and James despite being a left back. A position in which there is competition: Shaw, Chilwell…

When I was playing grassroots football I would see the Wembley Arch from around the corner. He dreamed of competing in the Premier League, but he never thought he would make it to the national team so quickly. It’s a privilege

Tyrick Mitchell, England and Palace defender

An award for a player who took a long time to reach the elite. “I feel every game like my debut,” he told Premier Mitchell’s website. The defender started at the Pinner Albion and failed to settle in the Watford academy at the age of 10 due to his lack of attendance. It was at AFC Wembley that he exploded. “His class was above the rest. He had everything: athletic ability, technique, desire… You couldn’t get a word out of him, but in my experience, young people have to be given their time and space.“explained Abdi Farah, his mentor and later his agent. “He used to pick me up and take me home. She was an important figure who helped me grow in football,” confessed Mitchell.

Brentford was his intermediate step before arriving at a Crystal Palace in which his academy produces ‘Premier’ footballers: Zaha, Wan-Bissaka, Clyne, Moses… Roy Hodgson recruited him in the 2019 preseason although a serious hip injury delayed his debut until after the pandemic stopped. They debut on July 4, 2020 in defeat (3-0) in Leicester at the age of 19. Since then, he has been growing until this season he has been installed in the eleven of the ‘Eagles’.

level numbers

“I have faith in Mitchell’s quality. His defensive stats are really good,” said Patrick Vieira on ‘Givemesport’. The former French player has placed him as a starter in the 29 games played by Palace, being the Premier’s third outfield player with the most minutes (2,601) after Jansson (2,692) and Coady (2,688). No defenseman in the English League recovers more balls (204) or wins more tackles (48) than Mitchell. In addition, he is in the top 10 of passes (33) and crosses (16) blocked according to ‘Who Scored’.

All without ‘getting dirty’: he has not seen a yellow card in the entire Premier. As he has settled in the elite and in England to the point of interest to clubs like Arsenal. That is why the Palace tied him up until 2024. “I have overcome all the battles of life and the injuries to make my dream come true,” he stressed. His journey has only just begun.