“Real Madrid when you smell blood are murderers”

Iago AspasGalician striker for Celta de Vigo, declared this Wednesday that Real Madrid, whom they will face next day, is a team that “when they smell blood they are murderers” and highlighted players such as the Belgian goalkeeper from the white team Thibaut Courtois“the best in the world”, and the Brazilian striker Vinicius Junior, that it has “improved a lot”.

The Galician international, who has faced Real Madrid twenty times throughout his sporting career, assured that the team led by Carlo Ancelotti “does not need to dominate you or be superior to beat you”.

“We saw it in the last game at the Santiago Bernabéu, when we went into the break 1-2 and in the 60th minute we lost 4-2. They don’t need to be dominant or have possession, but when they smell blood they are killers. Another example is the tie against PSG, in which they were inferior by 135 minutes, and in a short time they turned the score around”, said Quotation marks, at the EFE Sport Business Days Forum held in Madrid.

In search of a goal against Real Madrid, Iago Aspas will face the Belgian Thibaut Courtois, “The best goalkeeper in the world without a doubt.”

Imakes blades He also highlighted the Real Madrid striker as one of the most decisive footballers in the league championship. Vinicius Junior.

“He has improved a lot because he has taken advantage of the good things he did outside the area and that when he got to the area he spoiled. Now he is a more complete player. Toni Kroos, Fede Valverde, Luka Modric or Karim Benzeman It will help you improve and it will give you results,” he said.

The forward from Moañés, whose personal and professional career has been linked to Celta, which he arrived at when he was nine years old, spoke about the “brutal change” experienced by the Galician team during all this time.

“We have gone from a Sports City with two and a half fields for fifteen teams to having almost two in Sports Cities. The stadium is being remodeled and has achieved economic and sporting stability and support for the youth academy has been promoted with the board from the start. first day,” he confessed.

With nine games to go until the end of the League, the Real Madrid He is the leader of the championship with 66 points, nine above second-placed Sevilla, and twelve over Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona.

“Real Madrid has considerable points ahead of the rest, the League is very even from top to bottom, and anyone can drop points along the way and get nervous. I don’t think there is any team to claim victory,” he said.

The goal of Celtic, with 36 points, it is “to seal the season as quickly as possible”.

“You have to evolve season after season to be one of those seven or eight first teams to enter Europe,” confessed Aspas, who, at 34, has not yet contemplated his retirement.

“Until my legs go I will continue playing. It was very difficult for me to reach the elite and I will endure as long as possible,” he said.

One of Iago Aspas’ dreams is to return to the Spanish team, with which he has not played since June 2019.

“I try to do my best. I want to have a great season and try to have another opportunity to go to the national team and be among those chosen for the World Cup,” he said.

Iago Aspas, An international soccer fan, he stood out as one of the players to watch the Brazilian Antony Matheus dos Santos, currently in the ranks of Ajax Amsterdam.

“I saw him a while ago and, as they are players that catch your eye, you follow them a little more. He is a technical and skilled footballer and when I saw that he signed for Ajax I thought it was a shame although good for European football” , commented.

In the same Forum EFE Sport Business Days was Carlos Mourino, president of Celta de Vigo, who said that Iago Aspas will have “a place of his own in the club permanently”, and expressed hope that he can return to the national team in future calls.

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