The forecasts on the favorite of the Champions in recent years

There was a time when it was not uncommon for the competition of competitions in European football to enthrone surprising champions. Suffice it to remember the victory of Borussia Dortmund in the 90s, which was far from being the team it is now. Or that of Porto in 2003-04, which lacked a list of dazzling figures, beyond a player like Deco. Also, we can describe as surprising the triumph of an Inter made of pieces in 2009-10.

But apart from these cases, the teams that have ended up taking the orejona in recent years used to have favorites in the best possible thermometer: the predictions of the soccer betting websites. Although, obviously there have been finals in which the balance a priori leaned less towards the team that was ultimately the winner. Without going any further, last year when Chelsea beat Guardiola’s City.

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The Champions League is no longer a competition for Cinderellas

Precisely the London team also starred in the last relative surprise that occurred in a final, in 2012 when he beat the almighty on penalties Bavarianafter having previously left favorites of the time like the Barcelona from Messi, Iniesta Xavi... And if in order to talk about major unforeseen events in the competition we have to refer to a team from the power of Chelsea, this gives us an idea that the Champions League has not been a competition for Cinderellas for some time now.

The final won by Steaua Bucharest

Far behind are times when champions like the The star of Bucharestwhat in 1986 in the old format of the European Cup he took a final in Seville against Barçagiving him one of the darkest nights in his history.

But later, beyond the aforementioned examples, it is very difficult to find a surprising champion, not being able to be considered as such, for example, the Marseille Olympics that he won the 1993 victory (which he would later lose in the dispatches), because he had a fantastic list of players.

The surprise with the clubs that have invested the most

Thus, we see that the current Champions League only enthrones favorite teams, the giants that are capable of attracting the big stars, although it should be noted that still none of the great pharaonic projects of teams like the psgor the Town has managed to be crowned. So in this part there would be a gap to the surprising, which can be lowered if we value that the champions have been clubs of the old European aristocracy of always, with the Real Madrid to the head.

We do not know what this year’s edition will bring, which has its final saint denisbut we can say that the swords are high if we pay attention to the good indicator What are the Champions 2022 winner odds of sports betting houses.

In any case, whatever happens, it is clear that for the Spanish football It is already a success that three teams reached the quarterfinals: Real Madrid, Athletic and Villarrealwhich denies that our league is in decline compared to other competitions, as some experts were quick to predict wrongly.