The impact of the youth academy on Real Zaragoza: The land is sacred

The presence and prominence of the academy at Real Zaragoza continues to grow. pout He was the last to arrive but everything indicates that he will soon cease to be because there are several players from the subsidiary knocking hard on some first team doors that threaten to knock them down. That’s how they did it before Franco, French, Azon or the turiasonense himself, who has had minutes with Jim in the last four games and who has already made his debut as a starter (in Cartagena) and has celebrated his first goal (the victory at home against Fuenlabrada).

The last time there were no homegrown players in the eleven was on October 11, 2020 against Albacete at La Romareda

At home, then, the light shines brighter than ever. In fact, Zaragoza always plays with at least one youth squad in the starting eleven. It has been doing so for more than 15 months and a total of 72 consecutive league games. Almost nothing. The last time he faced a match without home players in the photo was on the fifth day of last season (October 11, 2020), when the Aragonese team beat Albacete by a minimum in La Romareda. Then, with Baraja on the Zaragoza bench, Zaragoza presented a line-up made up of Christian in goal; weaver, Guitian, start and chavarria in defence; Eguaras, Javi Ros, Zanimacchia and Larrazabal in midfield and Narvaez and the bull fernandez above. In the second part, yes, he entered grandsonone of the many homegrown players that currently make up the squad.

Since then (39 days last season since the first two were postponed as a result of the late celebration of the play off in the previous year and 33 in the current one), Zaragoza has always started with at least one youth squad. grandson or cobbleror both at the same time, were the representatives of the earth (with a sporadic appearance of Nick Buyla on October 25, 2020 against Sabadell) until the thunderous irruption of three kids destined to become the great hope of Zaragoza. first came Frenchthat he had already played three games in 2019-20 and that he took over in the last game of Deck of cards (defeat in Tenerife) of a ownership that he would no longer release even with Ivan Martinez first nor with JIM later until completing 24 appearances in the starting line-up, a mark that he has already surpassed in the current year (25).

the great irruption

With Baraja he debuted in a starting formation Franco Serrano. It was on matchday ten against Mallorca at La Romareda (0-0). He repeated later against Girona (2-2) but it was with Iván Martínez (with whom both he and Francés had made history in 2019 by winning the Youth Champions Cup for the first time in the club’s history) that made him indisputable. He was also for JIM, with whom he has started 22 games this season.

then it came azonwho debuted in the eleven against Espanyol on matchday 15 (with Iván in charge) and who would repeat in nine more games last season. In the current one he has barely been a starter in nine and never in more than two consecutive days. And that he is the team’s top scorer and the striker with the best scoring average in the squad.

The three have decisively contributed to the fact that there is always someone from home in the photo, although, last Friday, as in four other games this season as a result of injuries or stays with the U21s, the only youth squad was Zapater.

On Friday, as in four other games this season, the only youth squad in the eleven was Zapater, and in five Of these 72 games (the two in Lugo, and those played last season in Gijón and against Castellón and Leganés at home) there were five for the home team in the eleven (Francés, Francho, Nieto, Zapater and Azón). Six including Mouse against the cucumbers.