The Royal of all

Recurrently in the story, the hackneyed debate about what should be the archetypal configuration of the realistic template appears. What should be the pattern to follow, without giving up the hallmarks of the club. Normally the public moves around two poles, which would be represented by a greater or lesser foreign presence in the group. And it is precisely these days, when the possibility of outsourcing contracts is being talked about insistently, that is when this controversy regains prominence.

If we look at the composition of the realistic squad for the current season, the balance is almost absolute; If we take the 24 chips of the first team as a reference, we show a technical tie at twelve. This, logically, has a projection on the computer that Imanol has day after day. In the starting eleven of the league debut at the Camp Nou, the balance was 6-5 in favor of their own, while at PizjuƔn, it was 4-7 for the outsiders. If we transfer it to the 2002/03 campaign of the runner-up, and the most brilliant in modern history, the chosen references project a tremendously balanced balance: 6-5 and 5-6. La Real has found the ideal formula to sustain itself over time with solvency and guarantees.

La Real walks hand in hand with its time, a time of fusion, of miscegenation, although this would be a matter more typical of sociology than of a modest article on football. It is obvious that Gipuzkoa, nourished by diverse cultural elements, easily identifies with that plurality that its first football team reflects in its composition season after season. This is our Real, the Real of all.

A point or something else

When last Saturday, practically in the throes of the game, ander martin I scored the equalizer for Sanse against Ibiza, I had the feeling that that goal was more than just a goal to prolong the agony. I thought that it could be the sign that this group was looking for to keep the hope of salvation alive. A defeat would have meant only one point less, but it would have had devastating effects on the mood, already particularly punished, of the Real subsidiary.

The team of Xabi Alonso He has shown throughout the season that he is capable of sitting at the same table as his opponents, and with a certain dignity. But this is not entirely true, if the team is not able to carry out its commitments regularly, because that is the competition, results, points.

And Sanse has lacked that point of maturity that other formations exhibit, which gather experience in their squads to undertake a category as inclement as the Second Division. those of Xabi Alonso They partially compensate it based on talent and enthusiasm in equal parts. Whether this is enough is something that remains to be seen, and we will assess the importance of the last goal from Martin and Ibiza.

Djouahra, one more cartridge

One of the most satisfying news of last weekend was the return of Djouahra In ibiza. The French attacker had been called several times by Imanoland was even cited as the natural replacement for barrenetxea. I don’t know the plans in the short term of the technicians, but the end is offered as one more cartridge.


Real’s behavior at home since the start of the year has been almost immaculate, with a record of four wins and one draw, without conceding a single goal. The match against Espanyol could be classified as a core subject. It cannot be suspended. Tie in Seville could be considered an optional subject; Monday, no.