This is how the team is a week before their ‘rematch’ against Chelsea

The favorite competition Real Madrid is the champions. His track record proves it. And for this reason, despite the fact that there are several commitments involved, the white team is already beginning to think about the first leg of the quarterfinals against chelsea which will be played in stamford bridgestadium where last year they were eliminated just one step away from the final.

Thus, Ancelotti It is reviewing all its sections of the locker room, detecting the existing problems and reinforcing the virtues of each one of them.

The goal, seamless

Surely it is in the goal where Charles Ancelotti has less work to do because although it is true that you can always improve, the season of Cuts It is very difficult to beat and, while the Belgian is heading towards his fourth Zamora Trophy, he is already beginning to prepare the visit to his former team to try to stop his compatriot Lukaku among others.

In the champions, Cuts he has conceded 5 goals in 7 games. Two of them against PSG (both from Mbappe) and has managed to keep a clean sheet four times against Bury (round trip), shaketar and Sheriff.

Courtois celebrates the penalty saved on Messi against PSG

Pep Morata

The defense, most needed

And if there is a giant in the goal, in defense it is true that some cement is missing. The only one who maintains a high level is Militarywho is holding it. Alaba has lowered his level in this second stretch of the season, just like Mendywho has been weighed down by injuries.

Perhaps whoever has some other deficiency is Carvajalwhose seams were seen before him psg although the truth is that Ancelotti keep trusting him and, if he is healthy, he will play against the chelsea sure.

The center of the field, without breathing

Going to the center of the field we find a trident that is now more than usual, that of casemiro, kroos and modric. Between the three of them, they have played 104 games, each of them having played more than 30 this season, with 9 of them still to go. League and at least two of champions.

However, and despite the fact that the gasoline limit is getting closer, the level of the three is good. Especially the one from kroos and modric that keep the team in midfield if they are inspired. Other less common options and that would be a surprise to see them in the headlines in London would be camavinga OR Valverde to those who Ancelotti He has relegated them to a secondary role that provides physicality when the team needs it.

In attack there is dependency

And finally, the white attack. On the offensive side of Real Madrid who stands out on manner is Benzema (32 goals and 8 assists). The Frenchman, who is struggling to make it to the match after getting injured in the round of 16 second leg match against psgis undoubtedly the biggest threat and the dependence of the team in terms of goals because, if he is not there, those of Ancelotti They notice it a lot.


Benzema and Vinicius in the comeback against PSG

José Antonio García Sirvent / Own

Who tries to replace it this course is being vinicius (17 goals and 10 assists) but the reality is that the Brazilian feels safer when he plays the ‘9’ at his side.

An unknown is already who will occupy the third place in the trident if Asensio OR Rodrygo. Both have in Vigo before the Celtic an exam in which to oppose to become headlines in London.

And so, a week after traveling to London to play the first of the two battles against Chelsea, is how the Real Madrid. Recovering from the blow to the Classic and looking already towards the near objective of The league and the farthest thing from the champions in which, yes, they should not be left for dead.

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