What will happen to Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal at Inter?

Alexis Sanchez and Arturo vidal They are living decisive days with the Chilean national team. This Tuesday, starting at 8:30 p.m. (Argentina time), they will face Uruguay at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium with the aspiration of winning and waiting for a miracle. Although the head of the Chilean stars is set on the Red and what happens with the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, on the other side of the pond, at Inter, they seem to have made a decision regarding the future of both.

The situation of the trasandinos in the Nerazzurro seems to have a resolution. Both were relegated with the arrival of simone zaghi and they hardly added prominence in a team that had just won the Scudetto in the last Serie A. Several games coming on from the bench, few minutes and criticism from the fans are some characteristics of their seasons.

Will they move from Milan? (Vincenzo PINTO / AFP)

Vidal He only played 23% of the possible minutes in Calcio and was simply a replacement letter for the DT. With more frequent appearances in the Champions League, he harvested a total of 1,212′ and contributed two goals and four assists. yesánchez, on the other hand, began as the shadow of Lautaro Martínez, Tucu Correa and Edin Dzekobut with the passing of the matches and after his heroic appearance to win the Italian Super Cup, he earned a better place in Inzaghi’s consideration.

El Niño Maravilla went from minor to major and added 1,201′, scoring seven goals and handing out five goal passes in 31 games. However, it seems that his destination would be the same as that of his compatriot: far from Milan.

They come from losing to Brazil on the way to Qatar 2022. (EFE/ André Coelho)

They come from losing to Brazil on the way to Qatar 2022. (EFE/ André Coelho)

What will happen

According to Tuttosport, Inter will do everything possible to break ties with Chilean footballers for the 2022/23 season. Both have a contract until June 2023, but it seems that they would give it a free pass in advance and their contracts would end in the middle of this 2022.

However, making such a move would cost the Nerazzurri a fortune. Money that he would be willing to put up to release some high contracts, like so many others, on the campus. To terminate Alexis, they will have to pay about 4.5 million euros, while with Arturo they should pay about 4 million euros. Where will their futures be?

First, the Qualifiers.  (Alberto Valdez/AP)

First, the Qualifiers. (Alberto Valdez/AP)

Vidal and the flirtation with Flamengo

After years in Europe, the Chilean midfielder would be determined to leave the old continent but not to go to a more “relaxed” league to enjoy millionaire contracts, but rather the goal would be to return to this continent.

And although his link with Colo Colo is undeniable, the Chilean’s wishes would rather be different, at least in principle: to play for Flamengo. “I like it a lot, I’m very fond of them. The shirt I have was given to me by the president. That filled my heart. I have the dream of playing there, I can’t deny it. When it happens, I’ll go there. Hopefully soon”.

“If the coach or the leaders want me, there will be an approach and I will do everything possible to get there,” he added in an extensive interview with TNT Sports in which he made it clear to the Mengao authorities that he wants to be there as soon as possible.

Bye Inter for both?  (REUTERS/Alberto Lingria)

Bye Inter for both? (REUTERS/Alberto Lingria)

King Arthur is clear that if he comes to Brazil it will be to compete seriously: “The European chapter can be closed. I don’t know if it’s time, but if it happens, my goal is very clear: win everything with Flamengo, fight for the Libertadores, which is a dream because it’s like the Champions League in Europe. If I go , is to continue fighting and be an important player”. Be?

And Alexis?

Sánchez’s fate could be linked to LaLiga de España. If his path moves away from Calcio, Valencia would be delighted to have his services to give the squad a leap in quality, according to Redgol. Will he return to Spanish soil after passing through Barcelona?