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Pure history in women’s football.

Barcelona thrashed a competitive Real Madrid (5-2)sealed the pass at Champions League semi-finals and enjoyed a historic party for football at the Camp Nou, which recorded a new world attendance record for a women’s match with 91,553 spectators.

After the 1-3 in favor of the current European champions, the sporting result, which was decided in the second half when the Barça players came back from 1-2 down, was left in the background.

Said the Barça captain Alexia Putellas that this Thursday could mean the beginning of “a new era”. He was right: the azulgrana temple hosted the first official match with the public of the women’s soccer team.

This was also understood by the member and fan of Barcelona who almost occupied the more than 99,000 seats to live an afternoon of football to remember. It took him, yes, to almost fill the Camp Nou.

The traffic jams in the outskirts of the stadium prevented all the 91,553 fans who finally attended the game from participating in the previous mosaic (‘More than empowerment’: ‘More than empowerment’) and many were left without seeing the first goal of the match, the work of Mapi León (1-0, min. 8). The Aragonese center-back invented a center with her left foot that was poisoned to become a shot that surprised Misathe Real Madrid goalkeeper.

The Barça public roared, seeing how their team tamed the game with the ball and annulled their rival, well positioned in defense, thanks to the pressure after loss.

The azulgrana monologue was interrupted by clear hands from Irene Paredes inside the area. The referee did not hesitate to point out a penalty and Olga Carmona, Real Madrid’s best player in the first half, leveled the match with a low, tight shot that Paños narrowly missed (1-1, min.16).

He dislodged the goal for the azulgrana, who did not suffer in defense but who were somewhat imprecise in the last pass and in front of goal. Alexia Putellas and Graham Hansen enjoyed the most frank chances for Barcelona before the break, but their shots missed the target. The Camp Nou did not stop cheering in the first half in which Real Madrid, as happened in the first leg despite being 1-3 against, showed that they are a team that has worked very well tactically and that they know how to compete against the defending champion of Europe.

And in the second half, when the best minutes of football were seen, he put fear in the bodies of the Barça players with Zornoza’s great goal. The midfielder from Madrid saw Paños advanced and, from about 45 meters, gave her team a first advantage (1-2, min.48).

The unusual joy lasted five minutes for Real Madrid, the time it took Aitana Bonmatí to get away, receive assistance from Jenni Hermoso and cross the ball with a low shot (2-2, min. 52). The Barça public exploded with joy, wanting more goals. And they arrived. The Barça breathed something calmer with the third by Claudia Pina (min. 55), who with her left foot drew a parabola that slipped through the left squad.

With the Real players somewhat worn out physically, Barcelona played at will with the ball, at which point Hansen and Alexia’s talent reappeared. The Barça captain sentenced the tie with the fourth goal (min. 62), with a shot that Misa and Ivana failed to stop under the sticks, and the Swedish winger disguised herself as ‘9’ to score the fifth (min.70) hunting a ball inside the area.

The scoreboard no longer moved, but the Camp Nou had yet to celebrate the world attendance record. The club announced it in the 87th minute over the public address system and, as if it were a goal, the public roared, while the coaches of both teams also reacted with applause.

With the final whistle, the players, congratulated by their colleagues at Real Madrid, walked around the stadium cheered by their audience and put the finishing touch to a day that will go down in history.