World Cup 2022 Qatar: How many teams qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar for each zone


meme Qatar World Cup you already know almost all of your participants. In the absence of intercontinental playoffs that will be disputed in June and the resolution of the last european placewe already know which selections will be in the hype of the april 1 rafflewhere the eight groups of four teams that will definitively shape the tournament will be drawn up.

With Qatar classified as hostess, there were 31 places left to be distributed among the different confederations, which have the following tickets for the World Cup: Europe13 seats; south america4.5 seats; North America and Caribbean3.5 seats; afraid5 places; Asia4.5 seats; oceana0.5 seats.

How many qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Europe

Europe has 13 places for the Qatar World Cupdistributed as follows: ten teams that finish the group stage as first they get directly into the World Cup. The second ten and the two not classified with the best ranking in the League of Nations play in the playoffs for the other three places. It remains to know the last of those play-off places, whose final will face in June Wales with the winner of Scotland-Ukraine that has not been disputed because of the war in this country.













How many qualify for the 2022 World Cup in South America

The top four finishers in the group of South American Qualifiers They win the direct pass to the World Cup in Qatar. Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay have already secured their participation in the World Cup. In addition, the fifth classified in the group has an option to also go to Qatar if he beats the Asian representative in the intercontinental playoff, whose final they will play United Arab Emirates and Australia June 7th. A week later, the winner of that match will play for the World Cup with the fifth-placed South American.





How many qualify for the 2022 World Cup in North America and the Caribbean

Concacaf distributes three direct places for the World Cup in Qatar and one more for the intercontinental playoff against the representative of Oceana, who will come out of the final that they dispute Solomon Islands and New Zealand. The winner of that match will face the fourth-placed team in the Concacaf group.


How many qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Africa

The African continent will five representatives in the 2022 World Cupthe five winners of the final tie, played round trip.






How many qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Asia

The so-called third round of Asian qualification for the World Cup grants the four places that the confederation distributes for the World Cup, without counting the host Qatar that has direct access. The first two selections of the two groups enter directly, an achievement they have achieved Iran, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Two-thirds of each group United Arab Emirates and AustraliaThey will meet on June 7 to fight for a place in the intercontinental playoff in which the winner will face the fifth-placed team from South America.



South Korea


Saudi Arabia

How many qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Oceana

The oceanic continent does not have a guaranteed place in the Qatar World Cup. It is said, due to quotas, that 0.5 places correspond to it. Actually, what that 0.5 means is that a selection from the continent has the right to play the playoff against the fourth-placed Concacaf. Solomon Islands and New Zealand they dispute the final of the qualifying phase for that repechage this Wednesday. The final playoff takes place on June 13 or 14.