Celta’s Denis Suárez responds to criticism for being vegan

Denis Suarez He combines his work as an elite footballer at Celta de Vigo, after having played for Barcelona, ​​Seville, Villarreal or Arsenal, with his other passion, being an entrepreneur. The midfielder has a campus named after him where dozens of children play every day, he is also part of Tabulation Food & Tech, in charge of food and nutrition for high-performance athletes, along with other businesses and companies with the seal of the youth squad. His bet on nutrition as one more tool for his work made him take the step to veganism. That of Salceda de Caselas, in an interview with TheUncheckHe remembers that his bone inflammation problems, especially in the pubis, disappeared when he opted for a vegan diet. That is why he assures that he is indifferent to him when they criticize him for a game with the joke ‘eat a steak’ since he is one of the players who travels the most kilometers each day.

You are not just a footballer, you are an entrepreneur with a food and nutrition company. You also have a campus where dozens of children are trained. How is that facet of Denis Suárez away from the ball?

– Everyone in their free time has their concerns and I have mine. There are people who like to be at home, others have other hobbies or play other sports. I like that part, to which I dedicate free time and that does not mean that I take away responsibilities or take time away from my main part, which is playing football.

How important is it to have and manage a campus where dozens of children are trained?

– For me it is a satisfaction because when I was little I lived in Salceda I did not have that possibility and giving that possibility to the children satisfies me personally.

In almost all the days of the League you are the player in the entire competition who travels the most kilometers. Even so, when you don’t get a good match, there are people who remind you that you are vegan and recommend that you eat a ribeye to have more strength and energy. How do you feel about those kinds of comments?

– Honestly, I don’t care. You can have access to my physical data, to my analytics that the doctor and my nutritionist have. They are always very good, even above the level of my colleagues. That’s why it doesn’t affect me that they tell me, ‘eat a steak’, it’s an easy joke.

Denis eating a mushroom pizza (Photo: Instagram).

Before taking the step towards veganism, you had confessed that seafood was your favorite food. Is it difficult to give up these foods, is it necessary to have a significant mental discipline to give them up?

– It is true that at the beginning it was difficult for me, but seeing the result at the end, since I had many problems with inflammation of the bones, changing my diet was very good for the problem I had in the pubis. In the end I didn’t have to have surgery thanks to it and in two months I was playing again.

Do you make the decision in London talking to Bellerin?

– No, let’s see… obviously I consulted with him. But I made the decision in London because I have a problem with inflammation in the pubic bone and speaking with several specialists and professionals they told me to take a look at that diet. That I try it to see how it turns out for me and if I’m honest it has gone very well for me.