Didier Drogba’s son disappears without a trace

Isaac Drogba has grown up surrounded by good football, with all the genetic conditions to stand out and with all the means to become, like his father, a top-level footballer. But, for now, he seems to have stopped halfway. After arriving in September 2021 at the Academic in the town of Coimbra, his time in Portuguese football has been as ephemeral as it is mysterious. In January he said he was going to France to take some secondary school exams and never came back. Isaac has a valid contract with the Academic, but nobody knows anything about him, neither his coach nor his teammates, reveals the portuguese publication Zero zero. She has not contacted them again in this time. His departure raises many unanswered questions, while leaving the Portuguese club members bewildered.

For Miguel Carvalho, coach of the Under-23 team of the Revelation League, he reveals that Isaac’s problem is that he is too comfortable: “He is a fun, fast, technically good striker, he needed time to grow. The one who comes from abroad always needs some time and he didn’t have it. He left and we don’t know if he will come back. It’s a shame to be a bit comfortable because the quality there is”. Carvalho claims to be somewhat disconcerted by what happened: “We agreed on a return date and he didn’t show up. We haven’t heard anything more about him.”

The relationship between Isaac Drogba and Académica was born from a contact between the striker’s manager and the president of the Portuguese club, explains the U23 coach: “His manager spoke with the president and he was able to bring him in and sign him. The boy had some conditions, but his work capacity was reduced.

The companions with whom he shared a flat, dressing room and playing field, highlight the quality of Drogba’s son, but regret that he was not more integrated. An injury took him away from the first team and in team B the competition was fierce, something that could have influenced his fright, Matheus Palmério, Isaac’s partner on the field of play and on the floor, implies: “Team B is made up of the unscheduled U-19s and U-23s, it’s a tough competitive space.” At the club they assure that it is possible that the scenario scared Isaac Drogba, a shy boy and little predisposed for great suffering: “We pushed him, we asked if his father would not come to Coimbra to help the Academic, but Isaac did not react. Laugh a lot, that’s all I did. He is a quiet boy, he always stays in the corner of it and doesn’t like to stand out.”

The coach’s idea coincides with that of his teammate Matheus Palmério: “Isaac has a lot of quality, but he lacked more dedication in training, he was a bit detached. And then he had an injury and was out for a few weeks. So he ended up not playing in the Revelation League. Do not think that the son of Drogba disappoints by being eccentric or arrogant. It doesn’t go through that. It is apathy and a certain complacency that marks the character of him.”

“I met a good guy. The difference is that he didn’t need to work to earn money at a higher level.”

Carvalho, Under-23 coach of the Coimbra Academy

Carvalho drew a spear in favor of Drogba’s son: “I met a good boy. The difference is that he didn’t need to work to earn money at a higher level. I met a lot of footballers and the ones who really want are the ones who fight.”

The Académica coach acknowledges that the club knows absolutely nothing about him: “In January he said goodbye to us, he said he was going to spend the weekend in France with his family and he didn’t come back. Honestly, I don’t even know if he’s going to come back”. In the official account of a social network, Isaac Drogba’s last publication dates back to December and the day he celebrates his 21st birthday. In the photograph you can see that you are in a Portuguese street. It is the most recent post.

Isaac Drogba began his football career in 2017 at Chelsea, a club where his father Didier proudly holds the honor of being one of the best scorers in history. He left London in 2018 for France’s Guingamp. He was then at US Caratese, in Italy’s Serie D during the 2020-21 season, until in September he signed for Académica, for the moment, his last club.