Double bonus on the island for Real Zaragoza

The Royal Saragossa has let escape in the last two days, in the embarrassing defeat in Cartagena and in the unexpected draw against Amorebieta, the illusion of reaching a ‘playoff’ that his manifest irregularity throughout the course has made him far away, but in which he believed after those four consecutive victories that They moved away from the descent and gave him peace of mind. However, the current slowdown arrived and Tenerife, a feud of usual bad memories and against a powerful rival and regular in its performance that is experiencing its weakest moment, JIM’s team upstairs this Saturday (8:30 p.m.) with the feeling that his situation in no man’s land is going to invite him to an abulia end of the season, without dreams above or agonies below while the eternal process of buying the club is simmering too slow.

There are nine appointments left, 27 points on the way, and the sixth place is drawn to eight. Logic speaks of an impossible. The reality of this unconsolidated Zaragoza and for which it is so difficult to win (only 9 wins in 33 games) screams that it is directly a chimera. However, Zapater and JIM, captain and coach, have spoken this week of speeding up the math, of thinking about winning every game and have rebelled against that assertion that places the team in a qualifying insignificance. But that rebellion needs facts. Well, you need wins. Many, moreover, no less than seven, starting with this Saturday at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López.

Changes and cancellations

The story of the milkmaid of the promotion has, in any case, little validity and if Tenerife does not get away with the loot of the three points. Afterwards, Girona awaits the launch and you have to go to El Alcoraz for the derby. They are three consecutive appointments of extreme difficulty. If Zaragoza signs them with victories, the dream of the promotion, of sixth place, will be very much alive in the last six appointments, but his margin of error is minimal. Almost nil.

Bermejo returns and will start in the center of the field or on the right wing, since Vada and Borja Sainz are playing for a position, with more options for the Argentine to stay out


For this, the first thing is to beat Tenerife in a game in which the Real Zaragoza, as in recent weeks, arrives with a collection of casualties. does not retrieve Franco Serranowho seemed ready to return after an injury that will leave him out for 4 games, nor will Juanjo Narvaez OR Radosav Petrovićbesides to James Grauwhile the important subsidiary game in Utebo has left Puche on the ground, with an important role for JIM in recent weeks. At least, if Bermejo returnsafter two games out due to a back injury, and Frances’ annoyances with the sub-21 remained in a scare and will be in the Heliodoro.

The central defender of the quarry, one of the essential eleven, must thus return to the axis after his absence against Amorebieta, well covered by Lluís López, and more changes are ventured into the team. Bermejo will enter safely, on the right wing or in the middle. In Cartagena he was going to play in the midfield but the whiplash on his back prevented him from doing so. Perhaps the day will be in Tenerife, together with Zapater and Eugeni, and with Borja Sainz on the right wing after his good game against ‘Amore’ in his return to ownership,

The other option is Vada, which he fulfilled on his return to eleven against the Basque team, but without boasting and JIM has not been very satisfied lately with the level of the Argentine, one of the four extinerfeñistas from the team with Lasure, Lluís López and Nano Mesa. If Vada repeats, Bermejo would lie down on the right wing as part of an attack zone where Sabin Merino is a fixed player and in which only Iván Azón’s title would be understood.

The time of Ivan Azon

It would be after scoring five goals in his last six games and after JIM recognized after his saving goal against Amorebieta that he was making merits to play in the eleven. He has been doing them for several weeks, no matter how much his revulsive role fits into his performance, but in Tenerife he aims, finally, to have a prize with a place that would take Álvaro Giménez.

With these weapons, Zaragoza arrives on the island. His last league outing in Cartagena was a notable disappointment, but it is true that the traveling version has been better than the home version for much of the season. Now, he accumulates 19 visiting points, the ninth best data of this Second and he needs to be a solid outsider in the five remaining dates away from home.

The Tenerife, the strongest team in the Second Division, the one that concedes the fewest goals, It arrives after two consecutive defeats at the Heliodoro against two contenders for direct promotion, Valladolid and Almería, but with a block with a lot of potential and well led by Luis Miguel Ramis. In the Romareda they surpassed JIM’s men in everything and they need the victory, without Enric Gallego, sanctioned, and the former Zaragoza player Álex Muñoz, injured, to shore up his place in promotion and stop his current pothole, with only three points from the last 15. Ramis recovers Aitor Sanz, suspended in the last game, and Mario González, who did not play the last game due to the death of his father. Sipcic is available again after missing the last two games due to being with his team, Montenegro, while the coaching staff hopes that Moore will arrive on time after being with the United States.

Zaragoza needs to win to stop this negative dynamic of two games without a win and not fall back into the pit of a long losing streak and to recover the chimerical dream of promotion. It is, therefore, a victory with a double bonus for the island.

Likely lineups

C.D. Tenerife: Soriano; Mellot, Sergio Gonzalez, Leon, Pomares; Aitor Sanz, Corredera; Mollejo, Elady, Bermejo and Mario González

Royal Saragossa: Christian Alvarez; Fran Gámez, French, Jair, Chavarría; Zapater, Bermejo, Eugeni; Borja Sainz, Iván Azón and Sabin Merino.

Referee: David Gálvez Rascón (Madrid Committee)

Stadium: Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez

Hour: 20:30