Germán Crespo: “We want to give our fans the joy of having promotion at home”

This Sunday the Cordoba CF He faces the first of the two games that can give him mathematical promotion five days before the conclusion of the competition in Group IV of the Second RFEF. The equation is simple, although not so much the challenge of beating Cacereño in the first place in the Príncipe Felipe, where the precedents, although distant, are not flattering. But Germán Crespo is left with the remains and, like the rest of the Blanquiverde dressing room, he is aware that to celebrate the promotion party at El Arcángel on Passion Saturday, they have to win in Cáceres to depend on themselves. Despite this, the Cordovan coach assured that they will face the match “like everyone else”, which is synonymous with “trying to get the three points”.

“It is true that an important gap has been opened in the last week, hence we go with confidence and peace of mind knowing that we arrived as we would have liked two or three months ago”the Nasrid technician added. And that then I could not imagine that three points would be left in the offices. If they hadn’t been lost there would be a chance to move up mathematically in Cáceres.

In any case, in his reflection the coach said that there are twelve points of difference “with practically the average goal won”, since after the 5-0 in the first round only “a very bulky defeat” would lead to losing it. “The idea is see if we can give our fans the joy of having the promotion at home“, he stressed.

The numbers of the Cacereño

To do this, it will first be necessary to overcome “the best team in the category together with Córdoba”. Beyond that there are other relevant data, because it is “the second best team in the entire Second RFEF”, in addition to the “second best place”, so it will be “complicated”.

We go to a field that we likewhere we will develop well and we can bring out our best version”, advanced Germán Crespo. All this being aware that “life is going to them. Not because they caught us, which is their last chance, but because the people coming from behind are approaching them”.

The game will bring together all the ingredients for it to be played “from you to you“, at a time in the competition in which both face the calendar measuring themselves against the teams at the top. It is not in vain that Cacereño faces Córdoba’s last rival every day, which is why after this duel Montijo, Villanovense and Mérida await him, the last two next rivals of the Blanquiverdes.

Pre match analysis

Germán Crespo, in his analysis of the crash, added that “within the party there will be many parties because it is a team that has a good game proposal and that performs well on the counterattack”. “Given that, we will continue to look at ourselves, with our style, since we are going to a good field, with a top-class atmosphere, and that motivates the squad and the players a lot,” he added.

Germán Crespo giving instructions to his men.

Germán Crespo giving instructions to his men.

As in the last trips, the team will have the large presence of Cordovanism, higher than that seen in Montijo, closer to that of Antequera. “We are seeing it throughout the season, everything that the Córdoba fans are doing is appreciated”.

People are involved and I think the connection between the squad, the team, the technical management and the fans is perfect. We are the great favored ones because the players feel the encouragement of the stands and there are moments, like Antequera or Tamaraceite, which is to be appreciated”. Hence “that desire to make people enjoy can lead to getting the three points“. If it is achieved, the First RFEF will be closer, as much as a game away.