Giuseppe Marotta, the Inter executive who defines the future of Sánchez and Vidal: “With Alexis you have to have a little more patience”

Giuseppe Marotta, at 64, must be one of the most sought-after leaders in Italian football. He is the CEO of Inter Milan and all the movements of players from one of the biggest clubs in Serie A and Europe pass through their offices, among many other things. Beppe must deal with hundreds of issues per day and one of those generates special interest on this side of the planet: somehow, the future of Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal is in their hands.

This weekend, in fact, a new season of the Italian championship begins, the league in which the two greatest referents of Chilean football compete, who are not going through their best individual moment. Inter Milan, the team where Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal play, begins the defense of its title against Genoa, on Saturday at the Meazza.

However, the European market is in full swing and will not stop until August 31, when the pass book closes. And both the tocopillano and the talented Chilean midfielder They have been pointed out as two candidates to leave the Neroazzurro team. The truth is that both figures of the two-time champion squad of America have received criticism for different reasons. On the Tocopillano side, his injuries and high salary are the order of the day in the Italian media. In the case of King Arthur, for his part, it is noted that he is not even in the second line of preference of coach Simone Inzaghi.

A situation that the delegated administrator of the Lombard company denies. In the midst of all the turmoil that the Lombard squad is going through these days, Marotta agreed to chat for a few minutes with Sporting. And without hesitation, the director assured that both will remain in the discipline of Inter for this season.

Both Arturo Vidal like Alexis Sánchez stay at Inter. We don’t have any formal offer for either of them, they are trustworthy players for our project”, explained the former Juventus director, who without a doubt is the most relevant executive in Italian football today, with a long list of titles in his personal showcase, pulling the strings of the colossus of Turin (where he took 15 Olympic laps) and Inter, among other squads from the country of the boot.

Although in Italy they are awaiting his recovery thinking about his debut in Serie A, in Chile there is another focus of interest when speaking the physical condition of Alexis Sánchez: the national team and the next triple date of the Qualifiers. In La Roja they are already resigned to the loss of the most unbalanced player on the team. The front He suffered an injury to his right calf that prevented him from playing fully in the last Copa América.

In this regard, Marotta, the least in his official speech, is much more understanding regarding the Chilean soccer player, who from the bench had a good closing of the previous season. The leader avoids pressure on this issue.With Sánchez you have to have a little more patience. She has had some physical problems lately, but we hope that she will recover soon. He is an important player for us”, expresses the executive whose career in this area began at the age of 21, as director of the Youth Department of Varese, the club of his hometown.

In that sense, the sports executive director of the Lombards announced that the marginalization of the Wonder Boy in the next triple elimination date has not yet been fully decided. “We still don’t know if he will be able to play with his national team. We will see, we hope that he will recover soon and that he will once again be the support we need for this season”, he expressed.

The words of the manager of Inter, obviously, open a small light of hope for the Red. Although it is very difficult for the tocopillano to be added to the list of Martín Lasarte. Although Sánchez surely wants to play against Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia, the rivals that come to the National Team, today the attacker must also think about his immediate future with Inter, where he must fight for a position. The same goes for Vidal. The last word will always be his coach and, surely, Beppe Marotta himself.