Serie A: A new Napoli, in sight! Salary reduction would change the team

youa revolution in Napoli is about to come with the reduction of wages in the team, including their figures.

While fighting for what would be a historic ‘Scudetto’, Aurelio De Laurentiis, owner of Napoli, is already planning the revolution. Knowing that the income of the club he leads is considerably lower than that of the teams in the north (Juventus, Inter or Milan), the Neapolitan pattern poses for the future a new cost reduction policyespecially in terms of salary.

A change of mentality that goes through ‘sacrificing’ some club legendsexplains ‘Corriere dello Sport’ from Italy. In the last two years, the southern club has exceeded the ceiling of 100 million gross euros spent on gross salary for the squad. That ended.

And it is that to further complicate the situation came the pandemic. Later, the team did not qualify for the Champions League. And so it has been for two consecutive years. Of course, everything weighs on the balance sheets and De Laurentiis has decided not to continue holding an ‘arms race’ to fight the northern teams one on one. If they succeed, it will be due to football merits. ‘Make an Atalanta’. Compete above the possibilities of the template.

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savings plans

In fact there have already been two departures, both confirmed in January. The first was that of Costas Manolaswho returned to Greece in December to play for Olympiacos and allowed Napoli to save 4.2 million euros in salary for a total of 16 million euros gross given that the centre-back’s contract was due to expire in June 2024. Secondly, the non-renewal of the captain Badgewho goes to Toronto and ‘releases’ his salary of 9 million euros gross per year.

Now it remains to be seen what will happen to the players who end their contract in June and have not yet renewed or found a new team. ghoul and Malcuit They will be the first to leave. Ospina It seems that he will suffer the same fate despite being the starting goal because the club’s objective is to promote Meret, younger and with possible revaluation.

Finally, dry mertens. Napoli’s top scorer in history can leave the club this season. Charge 4.5 million euros net plus 1 million as a bonus. At most, Napoli offers him 2/2.5 to renew. Everything will depend on the affection of the Belgian to the city. It is completely adapted, it feels Neapolitan and they have welcomed it as such. A few days ago, Ciro Romeo Mertens, his son, was born.

In total, as ‘Fútbol y Finanzas’ explains, the savings for the aforementioned salaries would be around 40 million euros gross. It would be a real breath of fresh air for the Neapolitan coffers. As possible replacements, young, cheap players with a lower salary than those who leave are sounded out.

Koulibaly, only exception

He is the highest paid player in the current squad: 6 million euros net. However, as ‘La Repubblica’ explains in its Neapolitan edition, he is the only one who is saved from the cleaning of De Laurentiis. Not with the same salary (it would drop to 5M) but the idea is to keep him beyond 2023, to inherit the captain’s armband and to retire in Naples.

Like Mertens, the Senegalese is completely adapted to the city, his children were born in the city of Campania and the fans love him madly. He will be the leader who will lead the birth of a new Napoli.

Photo: Reuters


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