An inspired Judith Forca leads CN Sabadell to their eighth Champions League final

Astralpool Sabadell will play this Sunday against Olympiacos in Athens (4:00 p.m.) in their eighth final of the Women’s Water Polo Champions League in search of a sixth crown that has eluded them in the last two years. The international Judith Forca, with 6 goals, was the architect of the Vallesan victory in the semifinals against the Italian Pebliscito Padova by a tight (only at the end) 9-8.

in the house of the enemy

Olympiacos, who got rid of UVSE (18-11), awaits CN Sabadell; It will be the third final between Greeks and Catalans

Astralpool Sabadell blasted past rocky Plebiscito Padova thanks to the prodigious left arm of Judith Forca, who took on offensive responsibility against an Italian team of tough, sticky defences. The Vallesan team broke the game with a partial 5-0 in the third quarter, which put a provisional 9-3 with the last set to go.

Little could David Palma’s team imagine with the 3-3 before the break that the semifinal of their ninth the last four would end up being so placid. Marina Gottardo began advancing the Italian team, and Judith Forca replied with two goals in a row, one from a penalty and the other against (2-1). Laura Barzoni, a former Sabadell player, equalized (2-2) at the end of the first period.

hangman festival

Judith Forca’s 4-3 3 seconds before the half-time buzzer acted as a catapult: Sabadell nailed a lethal 5-0 after the restart

In the second quarter, Judith Forca was superb again. She overtook her team with a left-footed missile taking advantage of the superiority and undid Centanni’s tie (3-3) with a very long Vaseline adjusted to the post 3 seconds before the half-time buzzer (4-3).

The Astralpool festival arrived in the third quarter. Van der Sloot joined Forca’s party, who scored two more goals, and Nona Pérez and Maggie Steffens rounded off the 5-0 run. A blow of authority from the five-time champions, who faced the last 8 minutes with +6 (9-3).

surprising 0-5

With 9-3, Sabadell relaxed too much in the last quarter and conceded a 0-5 that did not bother him… because there was no more time

In the last set, with everything already decided, Padova was cheering up at times. He scored again after 10 blank minutes with two goals in a row from the Australian Armit (9-5), another two from Centanni (9-7) and another from Alessia Casson (9-8, with 40 seconds to go). An unexpected 0-5 that blurred the excellent statistics of Laura Ester, who had a 6/9 at the end of the third quarter. Sabadell did not worry too much, managing time and fatigue thinking about the final against Olympiacos.

In search of their sixth continental title, Astralpool Sabadell will meet again (this Sunday, 4:00 p.m.) for the third time in the final against their close rival, Olympiacos, who got rid of UVSE Budapest by a resounding 18-11.

Data sheet

Astralpool Sabadell, 9 – Plebiscite Padua, 8

Astralpool Sabadell: Ester; Ortiz (-), Games (-), Van der Sloot (1), Serrano (-), Steffens (1), Sohi (-), García (-), Forca (6, 1p), Eggens (-), Pérez (1), González (-) and Carilla.

Plebiscite of Padua: Teani, Barzon (1), Gottardo (1), Borisova (-), Queirolo (-), Casson (1), Millo (-), Dario (-), Armit (2), Meggiato (-), Centanni (3 ), Grigolon (-) and Giacon.

Referees: Wengenroth (SUI) and Franulovic (CRO). They excluded Pérez (min.23), Games (min.25), Steffens (min.28) and García (min.30), for Sabadell, and the Italians Borisova (min.27) and Dario (min.28) .

Partials: 2-2, 2-1, 5-0 and 0-5.

Swimming pool: Papanistao of Athens (Greece).