CD Tudelano 1-2 Real Valladolid Promises, Chronicle and Result

The Real Valladolid Promises won (1-2) at Tudela City Stadium with a comeback included in a great second half. those of Julio Baptista They don’t want to give up yet and sign a great result against a direct rival. The blanquivioletas are placed with 25 pointsalthough they are still very far from salvation in the RFEF First Division.

very awkward first part

The Real Valladolid Promises Nothing went well for a very important match in the fight for permanence. those of Julio Baptista they were not comfortable in the first few minutes where the Tudelano came out with a bang. Six minutes into the match, the Navarrese team demonstrated their superiority and managed to score the first goal of the match, the work of Alain Ribeiro.

The meeting seemed to be equalizing a bit and was broken with very fast arrivals on both sides of the field. Dry riverbedbehind a big center Mohahe would have it for the visitors and soon after, he was the goalkeeper of the Pucella who had to intervene with his foot to get the good shot from Gualda.

Little by little, the match turned to favor the Navarrese side again and they made it noticeable with two very dangerous plays. First, Ribeiro he was with the stick and two minutes later Alvaro Aceves I had to take the shot again laert.

second part to believe

The second half had little to do with what was seen in the first 45 minutes. those of BaptistAware that a defeat today was practically definitive, they came out with everything after the break time. Through quick attacks and combinations near the edge of the rival area, the Navarrese were increasingly outmatched.

Sergio Benitovery active, had the first chance to pass Whatbut he was not able to define inside the area. Minutes passed and the blanquivioletas were becoming more comfortable, giving the feeling of being physically better.

Just when it was time to play, the promises found rewarded to be superior in the match. Sergio Benito received a heel strike from inside the area Dry riverbed and defined perfectly to tie. The goal sat even better for a subsidiary from Pucelano who was, for many minutes, owner and lord of the game.

With a Tudelano disappeared thanks to the visiting domain, it was Dry riverbed the one who was looking for the rival goal with more intention. He looked for it so much, that ten from the end he finished off a great center of Paul Victor on the front of the small area to flip the marker. In the final minutes he would not suffer much either. promises, who continued to look for spaces to the point of being closer to the goal of the sentence than the tie.

Data sheet

1 – CD Tudelano: Zabal; Iván López (Yasin, min. 78), Aveldaño, Royo, David Luna; Laerte Polydoro, Aitor González, Gualda; Aranzabe (Cedenilla, min. 78), Ribeiro (Faber, min. 42), (Agus Alonso, min. 70) and Caballero.

1 – Real Valladolid Promises: Aceves; Apa (Lucas Rosa, min. 59), Palomeque, David Torres, Nieto (Diego Moreno, min. 59); Mikel Carro, Moha (Fran López, min. 80), Sergio Ortuño (Saturday, min. 93); Arroyo, Sergio Benito and Paulo Vítor (Slavy, min. 80).

goals: 1-0, min. 6: Ribeiro; 1-1, min. 62: Sergio Benito; 1-2, min. 80: Creek.

Referee: Francisco Javier Fernández Vidal (Valencian Committee). He admonished Apa (27′), Faber (48′), Paulo Vitor (50′), Royo (66′) and Aveldaño (83′).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-fourth day of Group 1 of the First Division of the Royal Spanish Football Federation Footters 2021/2022, played at the Ciudad de Tudela Stadium.

The players of Tudelano and Promesas, before facing each other in Tudela (Photo: CD Tudelano).