“It was important to put a bit of ground in the middle with Rayo Majadahonda”

Borja JimenezDeportivo’s coach, analyzed his team’s victory against Rayo Majadahonda. When analyzing the match, he stressed that his team suffers when rivals play directly as the majariegos did today.

Deportivo Analysis – Rayo Majadahonda

“We entered the match well.. We scored a quick goal, we made it 2-0 in twenty minutes. He gave us to tighten up and to have everything under control. The first part at a positional defensive level we were good, his possessions ended with a long game. We had the ability to steal, in addition to the penalty, we were able to make the third in some clear transition. In the second part we entered worse, we fit in quickly, not being able to make the third in that interval, until the 80th it was clear that we were going to end up suffering. Cost. It’s hard to win. When the result tightens and against a good rival, more”.

The suffering in the second part

“We suffer because perhaps it is one of our weaknesses. We have suffered today and almost every day. When you have plants with ability to defend away from your goal, they often have problems up close. They started in the second half with three strikers, Héctor, Rubén and Nestor and we knew that in those situations of direct play we were going to have problems. We have tried to defend higher up, many movements ended long without contact. But when there was contact above we knew it was going to cost us. When you lose the initiative, in the distances in the width in displacements we were not successful. We had a fairly clear transition situation, the occasion of William, some of Mario. By not doing the third is what he was saying before. He happens to us and to all, when the result is adjusted the last minutes belong to the team that is below”.

The distance with Racing de Santander

“We will keep trying to win every game.. They are also having a hard time winning. They are on a very good run, they win every day and what we have to do is win and win. Let’s see if they’re wrong, let’s see if they lose and it’s up to us to make our way. It is in our hands and we will go day by day”.


“I have not seen anything. Maybe you (the press) have seen it. I don’t know if it’s a penalty or not, I haven’t seen the action. What I have clear is that in the end, for better or for worse, We have been awarded a penalty, we have been able to score it. I always believe in the good faith of the referees, regardless of the fact that on some occasion we have not been lucky”.

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“He played a good game, with a lot of mobility. Many possibilities to go to space, good game between the linesWe knew that with Casado and Álvaro it was possible that he would not win many aerial duels. But I am happy. He was able to score the third, they gave him the penalty, he played a good game”.

William de Camargo’s penalty

“William, for us, is a player who is being important. He has nerve, one on one. He has played diminished, he had quite a cold. We had a complicated week with casualties, people a little sick. It has not been easy. You were looking for the bench and we had few first team players. I am happy with his performance. The penalty is how he usually throws them, it has not surprised us”.

The victory celebration

“I had quite a lot of family around here today, they are the ones who suffer with us. Due to the circumstances, a direct rival came and it was important to put a little ground between us. We had just lost against Celta B in Balaídos and we wanted to win. I want to thank all the fans for how they have encouraged us, the people in the background who didn’t stop throughout the game. When we have fitted in they have been the first to encourage and reactivate the team”.

The locker room situation

“In the last four games we have had two wins, we lost in Badajoz and in Vigo the other day. But the team is winning. We still have to win away from home to secure those two victories that I think will give us that boost. They are happy. It is a very cautious locker room in what they say and in what they do. They are happy, you have to win, which is difficult. It costs and today we have done it. They deserve to be calm and happy.”

Abel Gómez: “During the week, Dépor only talked about the referees”

“I leave with the feeling that the team made merits to take something else. In the first fifteen minutes it cost us more, but we found a goal from a set piece. A non-existent penalty leaves us with a great disadvantage on the scoreboard. We deserved more.”

“I don’t like to talk about referees. Throughout the week, Dépor only spoke about the referees, we have been seriously affected. We have tried, we generate attacking situations, scoring situations. In mistakes like this, everything becomes very difficult for you”.

“I heard many complaints, I think there were even letters to the committee. That harms and the referees can be conditioned. We do not have the repercussion of Deportivo. Watching the game, that’s something that bothers”.