“It’s better than sex”


Gerard Piqué he was the luxury guest on the youtuber’s channel jordi wild and there he talked about his current affairs with the Barcelona and assured that he likes more to visit the stadium of the Spanish that of the Real Madrid.

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“You get used to it. It’s been many years now. You have to choose the moments, the schedules. Know when you can go unnoticed.”


“Many times you miss it, but this also has its good side. I feel truly privileged.”

taste for football

“I liked football more as a sport when I was little than now. Before, I lived it as a child who had a passion for it. Now you have a lot of offer. Soccer competes against many things. It’s that as a child we only consumed football”.

His relationship with Bartomeu, former president of Barcelona

“He is a person whose insecurities or the fact of wanting to keep everyone happy led him to not knowing how to say no. Not knowing how to deal with problems. In recent times we never saw him at the Ciudad Deportiva. Why do I cross paths with Bartomeu? When he lies to my face with Barçagate. The club hires some services to criticize players. He tells Leo and me to our faces that he didn’t know anything. We tell him that we accept that he did not know anything and that we hoped that he would take the appropriate measures. And then I find out that he did. That he lied to my face about such a serious incident… at least he shows his face and asks for forgiveness. I came out like an imbecile to defend him.”

A day in the life of Pique

“I get up at eight, I take the children to school. I arrive at the sports city at half past nine, we train at 11. We eat there and from there what everyone wants to do begins. I usually go to the office. I have the cosmos. I am there until 17-18 and I get home and have a family life until I put the children to sleep and then, either I go out to dinner, or I have dinner at home”.

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His relationship with Guardiola

“I met him in Abu Dhabi and we went for coffee. We were very good. I have always had a very close relationship with Pep. There are moments of ups and downs. The first three years were a bed of roses and the last one was brutal. Probably my fault too. You don’t know why things start to go wrong, relationships get cloudy. It was a very difficult year on a personal level. I will always be grateful to him. We have a very good relationship.”

The beach bar

“It is a product that is a bit of Spain. It is a little bit who we are as a country. It’s what you like. You go to England with this product and the next day it’s going to be taken by cu**”.

His tendency to party

“The children and the family have given me five more years of career. Now I am more relaxed”.

The selection and the whistles

“He suffered for the team because he didn’t deserve that. As for me, personally, I would say that I played better and motivated myself. I have experienced this since I was little. He didn’t bother me, he motivated me.”

The lesions

“I have done the minimum to shoot. To surrender.”

The derbies against Espanyol

“I have had as much money as Espanyol’s budget for a long time. I like to go to the Espanyol field more than to Madrid. I’m glad when Espanyol goes up to the First Division because I’m going to go there to play. I like to go there, enter the field of play, be whistled at disfigured. Make you laugh and get even more pissed off. There is nothing like it in the world. I’d say it’s better than sex. I enjoy it much more than against Madrid. It is a contained rage, a resentment of years. Those from Madrid are gentlemen and well-wishers”.