New statement from Gio Queiroz with a harsh attack on Markel Zubizarreta


New chapter in the case of Gio Queiroz. The Brazilian soccer player, loaned by the barca Alabama I raisedwrote last March 29 a open letter to the president FC Barcelona to denounce a series of abusive behaviors that he suffered when he was a member of the Barça club and from the entity they wanted to respond to said accusations to make it clear that they had not committed any irregularity in his case.

The person in charge of responding to the complaint Gio Queiroz was Markel Zubizarreta, Barça female managerwho pointed out that the Brazilian skipped confinement to travel to the United States and be with her team, which the club considered a serious offense and lowered her to the subsidiary.

After listening to the explanations of Markel Zubizarretathe soccer player Gio Queiroz He published a new statement on his Twitter account to reaffirm his position and attack the Barça manager for his attitude towards her throughout this process.

The full statement by Gio Queiroz

First I want to thank all the messages of love and support that I have received. I read them all and they smoothed out a lot of the heavy days I had. Thank you very much. He did not intend to make a new statement about the abusive behavior already reported to the president of Barcelona. However, considering some recent statements, I have decided to publicly answer each of the unfounded accusations:

1 – Complaint to FIFA

She was accused of having denounced FC Barcelona before FIFA, and that this body agreed with the club. This accusation is totally false. Firstly because I have never, I repeat, never reported the club to FIFA for this or for any other reason. Obviously if there is no complaint, there is no decision in favor of the club.

2 – Illegal confinement

She was also accused of having breached the confinement and of having committed a crime against public health. That is an immoral and totally misplaced accusation. First of all, we must remember that I had to endure an illegal confinement by determination of the club’s doctor without any legal protection. To make it even clearer, I will make a chronological description of the events:

On Friday morning, 5/2/2021, all the first team players trained and had lunch at the club before traveling to Logroño. The players who were not called up, as was my case, stayed in Barcelona.

On Monday morning, 8/2/2021, the players returned to training. Before training we did the antigen test. My result was negative. Until that moment there was no confined player or with a positive result. We train normally in the morning.

At 9:58 p.m. on Monday, the team doctor sent the following message to the players: “Good evening: as I have told you today, there is a positive in the team. This positive shared food with the team on Friday and for so ALL the team is considered close contact and must stay home until further notice. Wednesday’s game is SUSPENDED and throughout tomorrow we will give you more information about how the week will evolve after meetings with the relevant authorities. Thank you “.

On Tuesday, 2/9/2021 at 11:36 a.m., the director sent the following message: Good morning, today at 12:30 p.m. we have PCR + antigens in the EC. After the last conversations with the Generalitat they don’t consider us close contact so today we will train normally and tomorrow’s match will not be suspended. From here we will hope to have no more news.

We all did the PCC + antigen test and my result was negative. Despite the result, the doctor maintained my confinement and released all the players with a negative result.

The discrimination was very evident. She seemed not to be worried about following and respecting the sanitary protocol. She had an agenda of her own and followed her own protocol, attending to her interests. Still confined, on Thursday, 02/12/2021, I took another PCR test. The result came back negative and I went home and stayed locked up. When I received the document I noticed something strange. The document indicated the 11th as the date. I asked the doctor what had happened and she sent me another document dated the 12th. I don’t know what happened with the change of dates, but we have to investigate it.

3 – Jump the confinement

This man has no limits. He once again makes a totally false accusation. His line of defense about the abuses committed is to get off topic. He uses lies and slander to discredit the victim. Accusing me of skipping confinement is a dishonest, malicious and uninformed person. As I explained earlier, I was the victim of an illegal confinement and, despite that, I met the deadline established by the health protocol. As the justification for “special” confinement was already unmasked in the letter to the president, now they are trying to justify the arbitrariness of home confinement using “Outbreak in La Masia”. I never received any information from the club or the Health Department informing that I was a close contact due to an outbreak at La Masia. Health protocols are clear and objective. It is unacceptable that some people believe that they can apply their own protocol, according to their interests. In any case, I fully complied with the protocol period and the evidence has already been provided.

4 – Compliance

I do not know the content and form of the investigation carried out by Compliance when it received the complaint. What I can assure you is that neither I nor anyone else in my family was called to be interviewed or heard. I believe that it is essential to listen to the victim and the people closest to her in order to know all the facts in depth and collect all the evidence. I do not agree that they file a file of a serious and serious complaint without listening to the main parties involved. It cannot be concluded and affirmed that there was no psychological abuse or workplace harassment without fundamental elements of any serious investigation. I also want to report here that almost 20 months after I signed here with FC Barcelona, ​​I still don’t have my employment contract. I have already complained numerous times, but the director always makes excuses and tells me that I have to wait.

To conclude, I confirm that I have not committed any fault within the team’s internal code. The only thing I ask is respect and that my rights are not attacked or violated.

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