Opinion: The most of the ‘MUST’: “The last battle between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo”

The eighth installment of ‘Lo más de lo MUST’ is here a fun and relaxed review of the best of international football. this week with special attention to the 2022 World Cup draw and the return of club football. The big leagues enter their decisive phase, so it is better to get to the point. Come on let’s go…

The most of the ‘MUST’ 8.0: “The last pulse between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo”

The most of the ‘MUST’ 8.0: “The last pulse between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo”

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Leo Messi

Qatar 2022 will be the epilogue of the greatest rivalry in football history. The ‘last dance’ between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Never have two contemporary players maintained a pulse so frontally and in such a sustained manner. CR7 and Leo took their pulse ‘to infinity and beyond’, making each other better.

The ex of the Real Madrid can boast of being the top scorer in the history of football, the historic top scorer in the Champions League and the highest scorer in national team football. The ex of the Bara, by his part, has more Ballons and more Golden Boots in its windows than anyone else. At club level they have won everything. Cristiano is European champion with Portugal and Messi was proclaimed ‘king of America’ with Argentina.

However, they lack the World Cup. They will reach Qatar far from their ‘prime’, but achieving it would be a ‘milestone’ of such caliber that it could unbalance their particular pulse to one side or the other.

In any case, it’s time to enjoy them. But not only them. Qatar 2022, except surprise, mark the endAs far as World Cups are concerned, of an extraordinary generation of footballers:Luis Suarez, Modric, Thiago Silva, Cavani, Di Mara…

Derby of Italy: Juventus-Inter

Italy is still crying over the elimination of the ‘Azzurra’ for the second consecutive World Cup… but the ‘calcium’ returns through the front door. Juventus and Inter stars in the Vuelta at the 258th edition of the ‘Derby d’Italia’. Inter (3) and Juve (4) are six and seven points behind Milan with eight games to play and a new setback would practically mean saying goodbye to the fight for the ‘Scudetto’.

Both arrive at the appointment in radically opposite dynamics. The old woman’, Vlahović Leader, chain 16 games without losing in Serie A. Instead, the ‘nerazzurri’ have only won two of their last nine games and let the leadership slip away. In the environmental aspect, it will be quite a party. Two years ago the ‘Derby d’Italia’ was the prelude to the pandemic… This ‘weekend’, on the other hand, the ‘no tickets sign’ will be hung at the Allianz Arena for the first time since COVID-19 unfortunately entered our lives.

Rangers-Celtic, much more than football

From Turn we traveled to Glasgow to ‘discover’ a rivalry that transcends football and enters religion: the ‘Old Firm’. Rangers and Celtic have met 427 times, with 167 ‘Protestant’ wins and 160 for the ‘Catholics’. His dominance in Scotland is overwhelming: the last 36 Leagues have been distributed consecutively.

This course will not be an exception. Last season, Rangers, who were relegated to the fourth division due to financial problems, put an end to Celtic’s nine league titles in a row. However, this season the tables have turned again. The ‘Catholics’ are leaders with a three-point advantage… but this Sunday they visit Ibrox Park. A ‘Protestant’ victory will put a tie in the lead with six games to play.

Excitement in style… and good players. at Rangers, without the injured Morelos, It’s time to closely follow the side-scorer Tavernier and the ‘fast-paced’ Kent. at celtic -We already talked about his four Japanese-you have to put the magnifying glass on Jota and the good scoring moment of Giakoumakis.

Bora Milutinović (Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Nigeria and China) and Carlos Alberto Parreira (Kuwait, Emirates, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Africa) They boast of being the only coaches who have played five World Cups with five different teams. It has ‘trap’. They managed five in a World Cup… but they didn’t qualify five. They ‘only’ put in three.

The record belongs to Vahid Halilhodzic. The now coach of Morocco -he qualified for Qatar after eliminating DR Congo- is the only one who has guided four different countries to a World Cup and has done so, to make matters worse, consecutively. Before the ‘Lions of the Atlas’ he classified the Ivory Coast (2010), Algeria (2014) and Japan (2018). His case is radically opposed to that of Milutinovic and Parreira. Japan and Ivory Coast fired him early and he did not lead them in the World Cup.

We take advantage of Bayern’s visit to Freiburg before traveling to Villarreal in the Champions League to discover a new ‘Protected’: Nico Schlotterbeck (Waiblingen, 1-12-1999). The ‘Freiburg’ centre-back (22 years old and 1.91 meters tall) has become one of the great ‘fencers’ of ‘fussball’.

His legs are real tentacles when it comes to stealing. In fact, he appears in the ‘top 10’ of the Bundesliga in five different defensive sections: He is the fifth player with the most successful tackles (42), the sixth player with the most balls cleared (134), the seventh player with the most aerial duels won (97), the ninth player with the most shots blocked (52) and the tenth player with the most interceptions. (63). As if that were not enough, his height makes him a constant threat in the strategy: this season he has already scored four goals in the league.

Schlotterbeck, who played on loan at Union Berlin in 2020-21, He has already made the jump from the sub 21 to the absolute and everything points to being in Qatar with Germany. What’s more, it doesn’t look like it will continue in the ‘Black Forest’ next season. Bayern follows him closely…

Fbio Leandro Freitas Gouveia Carvalho (Torres Vedras, Portugal; 30-8-2002) has become the ‘dark object of desire’ of Jrgen Klopp. Liverpool already tried to close the signing of the Fulham midfielder/winger in the past winter market, closely followed by Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal… He did not succeed, but everything points to the fact that, the second time, he will be lucky: the contract ends and in June to land for free at Anfield.

The 19-year-old is being one of the sensations of the Championship (Second English). His eight goals and six assists help make Fulham a standout leader. Fbio Carvalho is a ‘fine’ and agile footballer who has conquered Craven Cottage with his mobility and vision of the game.

His story is curious. He was born in Portugal, but at the age of 11 he moved to England. What’s more, he had been international from the sub 16 to the sub 18 with the ‘three lions’. However, he has now decided to change and represent his country of origin. What’s more, this week he debuted as a scorer with the Portuguese under 21. Write down his name well…