The 1×1 Premier of Oriol Romeu: “

Oriol Romeu (30 years old) has been playing in the Premier League since 2011. First at Chelsea (from 2011 to 2013) and then at Southampton (from 2015 and with a contract until 2023). This Barça youth midfielder, with a first team profile, has accumulated so much experience in England that he has been able to face those who have come from there to the Camp Nou (Adama, ‘Auba’ and Ferran) as well as those who may come (Azpilicueta, Christensen, Salah or Raphinha). And also Coutinho.

Since 2015 in the Premier League

There are a few already. It has rain and an ideal climate to train. With a different culture and mentality. I have adapted very well, I feel at home and, in addition, I have been able to enjoy football a lot

A very demanding league

I am accumulating higher numbers and I have been at a very good level for a season and a half and I am satisfied with how I am playing and you always want to extend it as long as possible.

Is Southampton your dream team?

Yes, definitely. For the years that I have been here, for how they have treated me, it is the club with which I have felt most comfortable, most loved, most valued and most respected, and also where I have performed at my best level.

Does it end in 2023? Will there be renewal?

It’s a bit like everything in the club. They have always spoken well of me and count on me. words of appreciation I feel valued, but it depends on how I feel. Right now I want to continue competing at this level

What do you know about Chelsea?

I know very little, with Azpilicueta I have spoken at some time. But not on topic. What I have been able to read, very up-to-date, they give them options to sell. For the players it creates instability, insecurity about the future, although since it is such a strong club, in the situation it has been in in recent years, they will find a buyer who will return them to normality.

Azpilicueta points to Barça

Is a great player. A worker, he is always there for what the team needs. He can play in different positions, he has background and experience, he has captained Champions League finals and won them. He has played Premiers Leagues as a Left Back, as a Right Center Back and as a Right Back. He is very versatile. Any big team in Europe would like to have him.

They shared a dressing room year

We have a lot of love and appreciation for each other. We usually have contact. He is an excellent guy. When you find people like that you wish them the best.

Is Christensen a Barça profile?

He is a player who has a lot of touch, a lot of quality. I remember that, when he was at Chelsea, he went up to train because he was in the subsidiary and you saw that he had a different touch of the ball, calmer, with that vision to find passes beyond a typical central defender. He played at a great level in Germany and on his return to Chelsea he was very reliable, physically he is not powerful. Perhaps he suits Barca’s style of football better than Chelsea’s. If at Chelsea he has performed at a good level, at Barça even better.

Salah also sounds if Haaland doesn’t come

He is a very good player, I am not going to discover anything but he is unbalanced, he attacks spaces well. At Liverpool he is a different style than Barça. Attacking defenses with low blocks I haven’t seen that much, players like him and Mané really like to go to the spaces. They are quick on the counter and that is where the best version of him is seen. In low blocks attacking two lines of four, it would be a matter of seeing them. He has quality and can adapt, because good players are all the same

How do you see Aubameyang already at Barça?

I thought he was one of those players who only go to the spaces and now I see him at Barça and he is playing at a great level

Are you so surprised that Barça is looking at the Premier League?

I suppose they have seen that they are players who have adapted well, who have picked up the quick philosophy and that makes them less afraid to come to this League to sign players. The Premier right now is at a level above the others and you can bring players who can gain experience, you have more chances of success

And there is Raphinha, from Leeds

I’m not surprised, he’s been playing at a very good level. He has been the benchmark player for Leeds. He has one on one, a pure winger that Barça likes, he is capable of playing on both flanks, he is unbalanced… An interesting player

He has one on one, a pure winger that Barça likes,

They would come from three other Premier signings, ‘Auba, Adama and Ferran Torres

In hindsight I’m not surprised. Neither Adama nor Ferran were having much participation in their teams and they have gone to a whole Barça. They are seen to be performing well, scoring goals, being starters. They were players that the fact of not playing has not affected them. Barça has been intelligent knowing that there was potential behind it. That if they were given a good environment, they would be able to perform. Sometimes those movements don’t work out, and Barça have done well in part because of the good decision they’ve made.

Coutinho is the opposite case.

It’s funny, it depends on the environment, the moment, the coach. When Coutinho arrived, Barça was in a process of changes, they didn’t know where they were going to play and that creates more doubts that it doesn’t help to perform at a good level.

The difference is because of Xavi

Xavi has helped a lot in this sense, so well adapted in such a short period of time

He was able to return to Barça, it was rumored with his return

Rumors did reach me once. Barça is the best of the best and very big players compete, but it didn’t depend on me. I have always tried to compete to the fullest. I am satisfied with how I have been behaving. If he loves you or one club or another, we can’t say anything

Barça has known how to get young players. Gavi, Nico, Pedri…

It surprises me positively, they are interesting players capable of dealing with this situation, they are a reality, they are not an expectation, they are a real performance. What they are doing is very worthwhile. There is the Pedri case and after everything he plays, he competes at the level he competes. It is curious to see such young players with such maturity and cold blood. I have experienced something similar and it is not easy to manage these expectations and be able to perform at that level. They are players who, if everything goes well, follow this line, they can dominate football in the coming years.

The Barça has turned around

What is happening is unthinkable. Now he is asked to win the league, the fact of such a radical change is positive. He has a lot of merit. This year it can serve as a transition and in the following year, compete for all competitions.

And with Busquets as always at a very high level

He is a player who has been at a very high level for many years, when Barça has not been well, he has not been able to perform at his best level. Busi is a team player who needs the environment to be tidy in order to perform. He does not lose balls, he is always at a level of eight or nine, there has not been a better midfielder than him in the other years, he is admirable

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