What you can and cannot do during the Qatar 2022 World Cup


The contrasts between culture, customs, rules and religion between Mexico and Qatar have generated a series of questions among the national fans who pack their bags to be present at the next world Cup supporting the Mexican teamwho will be participating in your world number 17 and eighth consecutively.

For clarify, detail and demystify traditions and Qatari customs, the Qatari Ambassador to Mexico, mohamed alkuwarispoke in an interview for Halftime on the aspects that they will have to take into account, not only the mexican fansbut all the people who visit the country during the tournament that will take place from November 21 to December 18. Some 40,000 Mexicans are expected to visit Qatar during the month in which the game is played world Cup.

Alcohol and tobacco in Qatar

For example, on the subject of partythe alcoholic drinks and smoking, the Ambassador commented that there will be an opening in the case of fans who want extend the festivities after the matches. And for that there will be restaurants, bars, beach clubs and a boardwalkIn addition, alcoholic beverages can be purchased in liquor stores with a special permit.

It’s going to be a party every day, the World Cup is a party too. After all the games bars, restaurants, discos, beach clubs they will be full of fans. who wins that day will have a lot of partymainly in the qatar seawall where there are many restaurants, bars and open places with a view of the sea,” he said.

“On the street you can smoke, but drinking on the street is not allowed, not in the car eitherbut in other places it is allowed. Anyone can buy alcoholthere are liquor stores, but you need a permit to go in and buy it.”

And the displays of affection?

Speaking of displays of affection, mohamed alkuwari said holding hands and hugging is allowedeven in same sex couplesHowever, kisses are prohibited.

“They can be normal holding hands, cuddle, but nothing intimate. Walking hand in hand is cultural in Qatar. Here we walk with women or men hand in hand without being gay. I can walk with my brother or a friend hand in hand without having a sexual connotation. They can’t kiss in the street”, he added.

How to dress in Qatar?

On clothing emphasized that women will have to wear clothing that covers below the kneemainly in areas like cshopping centers, markets and mosqueswhich are commonly visited by tourists.

“For men it is normal. For women it is necessary to cover the body, it is like respect to the mosque. The most important thing is clothing, especially when they enter mosques, malls, markets. On the boardwalk it will be quieter. Specially for women who need to cover their knees”, he pointed.

Forbidden to eat with the left hand?

finally spoke about eat and greet with the left hand in Qatar. He said that it is a Qatari custom to do it only with the right hand in show of respectbut any foreign fan will be able to eat and greet with the left hand without discomfort In the place where you are.

“It is not for amateurs or for foreign people, It is our culture, it is the Arab culture and people always eat with the right hand and salute with the right hand. We do not eat or greet with the left hand. In my house there is foreigners, friends and they eat with the left hand and I with the right and there is no lack of respect, “he concluded.