Who is Franco Carboni? The life of Kely’s son who plays for Inter

Frank was born on April 4, 2003, in Buenos Aires. She had a busy childhood, moved to another country more than once and grew up in both Argentina and Italy, depending on where her father was playing, Ezequiel Carboni. Since he was a child he was involved in the world of football. He made inferiors in Lanuswhere his old man was an emblem, but he finished training in Calcio: he went through the quarry of the Catania and arrived at Burywhere he could make his debut in first.

Kelly and Franco Carboni. Photo: @frankitocarboni_.

This Tuesday, the 18-year-old was on the Inter bench, during the duel against Liverpool for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League. The Argentine kid – who played in the U17 in Italy – already rubs shoulders with cracks from the world elite, and could make his debut on the most important stage in Europe. That is why at Olé we review his life and tell you who he is.

Franco Carboni awaits his debut at Inter.

Franco Carboni awaits his debut at Inter.

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He was born in Argentina, but grew up in Europe. As Franco explained to Olé a few months ago, he had to leave the country at the age of two. In 2005, Ezequiel -his father- signed for the salzburg after having worn the Garnet shirt for seven years. He played for three seasons in the Austrian team and then went to Serie A, to defend the colors of the Catania. In 2011, when Franco was eight years old, Kely closed his stage in the Old Continent and returned to the Río de la Plata (he retired in Banfield in 2012).

Franco in Lanus.  Photo: Agustina Sol.

Franco in Lanus. Photo: Agustina Sol.

Back in Buenos Aires, Franco began to immerse himself fully in the sport and took his first steps as a footballer in the Grana youth teams. “There I started playing in Lanús, the club of which I am a fanand I gave myself the luxury of becoming champion three times: once with my dad as DT, another with Pirulo Cordero and another with Julián Kmet,” the kid recalled in dialogue with Ole.

Kely's son in Grana.  Photo: @frankitocarboni_.

Kely’s son in Grana. Photo: @frankitocarboni_.

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In 2019, already at 16, he returned to Italy when Kely was hired as Reserve coach and coordinator of Catania’s Juniors. Franco went from the inferiors of Lanús to those of the Sicilian team, where he finished seventh and came to play two games with the reserve team. But there appeared the giant of Milan: in 2020 Inter bought his pass for 400 thousand euros and took him north.

Franco passed through Catania.  Photo: @frankitocarboni_.

Franco passed through Catania. Photo: @frankitocarboni_.

Now already He is part of the practices with the Mayor squad, and was even on the bench of the First Division more than once, although he has not yet had the luck to debut. However, the big day could be yet to come, and why not get excited about adding a few minutes for the Champions League against Liverpool.

He wants to debut with the Nerazzurri.  Photo: @frankitocarboni_.

He wants to debut with the Nerazzurri. Photo: @frankitocarboni_.

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Unlike his father, who played the whole life of five, Franco is usually stuck to the line. He started as a winger at Lanús, but after arriving at Calcio he adapted to the style of play, and now works as a lane (position that always appears in Inter teams). “In Inter, a lot is played with a scheme of three defenders at the back and five midfielders. They tried me as a lane and I did well. And the occasional match I also played as a side”, he explained in the heads-up with Ole.

He was converted into a lane.

He was converted into a lane.

He also confessed what it’s like to share the locker room and training with monsters like Lautaro Martinez, Alexis Sanchez OR Arturo vidal among many others: “It’s very nice. With the South Americans, for example, we get along very well, although the whole squad received me in the best way. In addition, it is a pride to share the day to day with Javier Zanetti (club vice), who is always available to exchange a few words or give me some advice. I’m living a dream, but I’m not satisfied with that.”

Franco was already in the Primera bank.

Franco was already in the Primera bank.

And I add: “Everyone breaks it in practice. At that level they are all good players. I have seen Lautaro score incredible goals. Alexis and Arturo have tremendous quality. They see passes where others do not see them. And sometimes you’re left wondering: how did they do that?

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